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Keen to Clean – Key Player Added India Team

A Keen Player Leads the Keen India Team

The next chapter of the Keen to Clean India operation has begun with a major joint venture with the addition of new management and another story of how those that really are keen to clean are willing to give it their all. A former India operation franchisee and her husband decided that the time was right and the sky was the limit and bought stock in the company becoming the Directors of the India operation for Keen to Clean.Serving for two years as one of the groups most successful franchisees, Depali Parikh saw the potential in the group and the opportunity for growth. Her supportive husband, Vihang Parikh, was a local business owner himself before deciding with her that it would be best for the two of them to go all in. As of the 1st of April 2015 the team officially took their place as Directors of the Keen to Clean India operation and they now focus on the expansion of the business and overlooking general operations.

The Keen to Clean India operation began in 2011 as a unique international expansion for the group. Previously the overall operation was overlooked by the Managing Direct of the  Keen to Clean Group who frequently travelled internationally to facilitate it. With this new dedicated Director team the operation is much more autonomous and the growth of the group both internationally and locally has seen a massive boom as a result.

“With their support the Keen to Clean Group overall will have over a thousand members by the end of 2016 at our current rate of expansion. There is potential for it to be even higher the more people decide to invest back into the group,” said Brijesh Purohit, Managing Director of Keen to Clean. “It is a very exciting time for the group but just as importantly for our customers.”

Those interested in a Keen to Clean Group franchise locally or as part of the Indian operation can contact the group at.

For anyone who needs any help with any of their cleaning needs they can contact us on 1300 737 978 or via email at enquiries@keentoclean.com.au.