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Keen to Clean ISO Certified Company

The Keen to Clean Group is leading its management revolution by also having the company ISO certified in not just one but three categories through DAS Certification. The certifications come as the group continues to expand and reach new targets, assuring that the system backing it up is as good as it can be and continues to grow

ISO certification is an important business acknowledgement as it is a thorough audit of the documentation, practices and goals of the business on multiple business fronts. Only businesses that have contingencies, follow legal and protocol obligations and allow for accommodation of new ones later can hope to pass, and to achieve three simultaneously is unusual. The categories were ISO – 9001 – 2015 (Quality), ISO 14001 – 2015 (Environmental), and ISO 18001 – 2007 (OHS&S), the three integral pillars of the Keen to Clean Group brand’s success.

CEO Rohit Chand was excited to have the certifications approved after months of preparations. “In business it is all good and well to talk about what you do and how you manage; it is only through objective outside analysis that we can say that we are really doing the right thing.” “With these certifications we are showing there is a sound and professional backend to our services and we know that will lead to bigger and better things going forward.”