Keen To Clean Group Franchising in India

Keen To Clean Cleaning Services Expands to India
August 18, 2010, Victoria – The metro Melbourne- and Sydney-based cleaning company Keen to Clean Group is taking a bold and unusual step by walking the trodden cleaning path forward and breaking into India’s cleaning market.
With a recent expansion to Sydney, as well as a bolstering of operators and franchise holders, the company announced its expansion overseas, with the support of FRANCORP, earlier this month.
The Keen to Clean Group will bring its franchise-based hierarchy revolving around a central administration to a country which is well known for producing many of the cleaners used abroad.
Whilst most cleaning companies source their talent from overseas or recently immigrated, very few consider going to the source to establish themselves.
FRANCORP, the experts on franchises and the development of businesses, has leant its considerable support to the group in a plan that is set to go into action over the next 5 years.
Run by expats of India, Brijesh Purohit and Jignesh Prajapati themselves, the Keen to Clean Group has a strong Australian foundation. They formed the Keen To Clean group in Melbourne in 2003 and has consolidated its reputation as a cleaning company in the greater metro Melbourne area since. And after its recent explosion in growth, it set its sights on expanding overseas starting with the country close to their heart.
The company specialises in carpet steam cleaning, domestic and commercial cleaning, and the holistic ‘Move-out package’ which prepares a property for auction or inspection, or the end-of-lease or end-of-tenancy cleaning.
Brijesh Purohit, the managing director of the Keen To Clean Group, which will be spearheading the product was excited to be expanding overseas, but very much intent on staying true to his roots in Australia.
I see this as an opportunity to break into a market that is very disorganised and help sort things out. Australia is my home and success there is very important, but with the support of the whole Keen to Clean Group I can now expand in new ways.”
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For more information, you can get in touch with the Keen To Clean Group crew at Suite 1/106 Foster Street, Dandenong, Victoria; 1300-737978 or 0425758379 (on mobile); or visit their website at or email at