Keen to Clean Franchise Fast Starters 2012

Keen to Clean Franchise BRW Fast Starter 2012

BRW-Fast-Starter-2012Keen to Clean Franchise BRW Fast Starter 2012Yet again the Keen to Clean Group is setting business and cleaning industry standards by achieving a placing in the BRW Fast Starters 2012 listing. Ranking in at number 88, a result practically unheard of for a franchise let alone a cleaning industry position, the result is a clear sign that the group is now a major player not just in its own industry but at large.
The BRW magazine is the point of call for business insight with a record of discovering big players long before they make a splash. The Fast Starters list is particularly prestigious, allowing newly formed operations to get their name out in a big way. Listing only those that have achieved consolidated growth over the last two years whilst being young in the industry by being formed after 2006, the list represents the companies that will be the centre of their industries and the Australian economy at large in the very near future.
“The result is a great surprise, showing that our hard work and the support we have received has paid off,” said Brijesh Purohit, Managing Director of Keen to Clean. “We can’t thank people enough for helping us get here.”
“But what I think it really says is that even though we’ve come this far, even though we’ve had so much success… in reality we are still a very young business that has a lot of room to grow. Honestly, that idea is more exciting than the result itself,” he continued.
“I hope everyone will look forward to the benefits of this growth as much as we do.”
For those interested in cleaning franchise from the BRW Fast Starter 2012 listed Keen to Clean Group, you can call 1300 737 978 or email to make an enquiry today.