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Keen to Clean – Finalist Ethnic Business Awards

A Keen Story on Way to Keen Result

Migrating to Australia just months before September 11th 2001, facing prejudice and a lack of support only to start a business that would go on to make millions and support hundreds of Australians every day. This is the Keen to Clean Group’s story and it is one of the 12 businesses over three categories announced as finalists for the 2014 Ethnic Business Awards. The final result for the Indigenous, Small and Medium Business awards will be announced during a ceremony at the Brisbane Hilton Hotel on the 9th of November.

Established in 1988 and marking its 26th year running, the Ethnic Business Awards was established to recognise the unique hardships many migrant business owners had to face while highlighting the positives they represent for Australian business. The awards are extremely prestigious in the Australian business world and the award ceremonies have been hosted and attended by many of the biggest business and political professionals in the country, including both Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and current Prime Minister Tony Abbott for the 25th awards last year. The awards are judged by a panel of 4 professional icons from various fields and the finalists are chosen from a multitude of entries, making it a commendable result in itself just to be a finalist.

Nominated as a finalist in the Small Business category, the Keen to Clean Group fully embraces its roots as a business started by a migrant and now permanent resident of Australia. Briijesh Purohit, the Managing Director and the one to establish the business, strikes a balance between the sense of hardwork and determination he grew up with in India and his values as a modern Australian and businessman. Winning multiple business awards over its history, the group has had a tangible effect on the business and franchise practices in Australia.

“My start in Australia as a migrant had a major impact on how hard it was to start a business and have an impact on the business world,” said Brijesh Purohit. “But I think awards like this show that despite that, in Australia it is possible to be successful if you are sensible in the way you run your business and make sure you do things properly.”

“I hope that doing so well in this award gives people a new insight into Keen to Clean and helps them appreciate that we are a business that knows that sometimes you need a hand with things. We are always there to help.”

The 2014 Ethnic Business Awards will be announced on the 9th of November 2014 and further information can be found via their website at http://www.ethnicbusinessawards.com/. Keen to Clean is available for interview or if you need any cleaning jobs done by visiting www.keentoclean.com.au or calling 1300 737 978.