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Keen to Clean Finalist: 2013 NAB FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards

Keen to Clean Finalist: 2013 NAB FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards

Keen to Clean – Cleaning Flexifranchise Gets Keen Reception:

Just months after launching its exciting new Cleaning Flexifranchise line the Keen to Clean Group has already been nominated as a finalist in the 2013 NAB FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards. The group was chosen as a finalist amongst many high calibre entries for the Franchise Innovation category, which celebrates revolutions to the field. The final announcement on the winners will be revealed on October 22nd.

The Franchise Council of Australia is the central representative party for franchise support and reform. As franchising becomes increasingly popular and pivotal to the Australian business climate the FCA assures that all businesses undertaking a franchise system are able to get accurate and timely support and advice. The NAB FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards are thus a very prestigious award, judged by industry experts and leaders. Amongst the awards Franchise Innovation represents the future of franchising in the country, and as everyone clamours to find their niche it has become one of the most hotly contested recognitions.

The Keen to Clean Groups entry for the Cleaning Flexifranchise system was selected amongst the best innovators in the country for its progressive new look at the industry. Allowing a low investment wall while offering the full security and support of a franchise system the Cleaning Flexifranchise is designed to bridge the gap between contractors and franchisees in a way that previously was not possible, allowing reconciliation of investment in as short as a year. This could have obvious uses not just in the cleaning industry but abroad.

“I am thrilled that the Cleaning Flexifranchise is receiving such strong recognition so quickly,” said Brijesh Purohit, Managing Director of Keen to Clean Group. “We’ve only had it rolled out for a quarter now and the reception from investors has far exceeded what we expected, now the industry is acknowledging what people are seeing in this option.”

“As someone who has been a contractor in the past and had to scrounge everything I could to start a business I know that it can be daunting investing. We want to take out the risk and particularly the timeframe that you are stuck with. We very much invite anyone wanting to make that step to consider us a good starting point,” he said.

For those looking to invest in a Flexifranchise information can be found at https://keentoclean.com.au/franchise/. For those interested in hiring Keen to Clean for their cleaning email enquiry@keentoclean.com.au or call 1300 737 978.