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Keen to Clean FAQs

Before you go ahead and make an enquiry we want to make sure you know everything you’ll need to know about our service to have full confidence in our services. For your reference we have a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive from those interested in a cleaning service.

If you want the human touch or any more information you can contact our main office on 1300 737 978.

What training do your operators have?
Our carpet-cleaning operators require accreditation with IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) in order to partake in any domestic or commercial carpet cleaning jobs.

All our cleaners receive in house training and periodic refresher and up-skilling courses in order to keep at the peak of industry technique and technology.

Are the operators qualified/experts?

All operators have to pass quality control measures in order to begin working including a mentoring program and on the job training. Operators who fail to meet these standards are not allowed to partake in cleaning activities.

Are the company and operators fully insured?
Yes we are fully insured for accidental damages up to $10 million in value. We will fully follow up any alleged damage, vandalism or theft thoroughly.

The price you quote over the telephone, is that amount fixed?

We take great lengths to give as solid a quote as possible based on the information you provide us. The quote will be guaranteed so long as the information provided is accurate and the property or items are in a reasonable condition. Additional or optional cleaning items will be assessed and quoted directly on the date of the clean and undertaken only upon confirmation by the customer.

Will there be any hidden costs?

No. Unlike many other cleaning companies we like to keep our customers informed of all costs involved with the cleaning, hence we will always advise of times where a fixed quote can’t be provided.

What is the minimum time I can book a cleaner for?

Carpet cleaning comes with a $66 inc GST minimum callout fee. General cleaning is two hours minimum. Please keep in mind that even if the services are booked at the same time the minimums apply for both.

How do you work out steam cleaning costs? What is a ‘standard room’?

Since most people don’t have accurate measurements for their rooms we work off the basis of a ‘standard’ 3 by 4 [12 square] metre room. Thus our calculations work off how many standard rooms in size a given area is: a lounge room is typically a room and a half to two rooms [18 to 24 square metres]. Hallways and stairs are calculated at separate rates. All additional treatments need to be assessed and quoted on the day.

How do I prepare for a clean?

For steam cleaning services we require the areas be vacuumed before we arrive; additional charges apply if we need to vacuum for you. If furniture or loose items can be moved out of the cleaning area that is advised, however we can clean around items where that is not practical. Hot water and electricity is required, where they are lacking our services will be restricted or compromised.

Do I need to supply anything?

No, we bring all our own equipment and chemicals. If you would like us to use your equipment then we are happy to do so.

Do I need to sign a contract?

We sign a contract as part of the invoicing process. Ultimately, however, it is not a fixed term contract and each individual clean is a separate contract. This means you have more flexibility and are not trapped in a tenure.

What if no one is home during the clean?

Although we always recommend meeting the operators at the property, it is not a necessity. Some people organize to let them in and then leave the property, others leave keys at the property or organize them to be left with a third part [such as a real estate]. Ultimately it is to your discretion, you can rest assured that the operators are fully trustworthy in any given scenario that we need to undertake.

Can I switch operators if I am not happy?

We understand that the needs of each customer varies and that because we have a wide range of cleaners that sometimes an individual will not meet yours. In this case we are more than happy to switch operators until we find one that you are happy with.

What happens when I go on holiday or I can’t make it to a clean or just outright need to cancel?

If you ever need to cancel or suspend your service for any given period that can be arranged. You just need to contact the office as soon as possible and we can organize something. Please be advised that cancellations on the day of cleaning may lead to cancellation fees.

What payment options do I have?

Payment is made directly to the operator on the day of the cleaning. Cash or credit card [Visa or Mastercard, 3.5% surcharge on all transactions] is accepted, a full invoice will be provided on the day. We are able to organize invoice payments for commercial bodies and property managers. Company cheques are accepted, no personal cheques though.

Can I reschedule or change the booking?

We appreciate that sometimes things come up and you need to reschedule the clean or change the booking details. To organize that just give us a call and we will organize that for you; just keep in mind that rescheduling on the day of the clean may lead to rescheduling charges. Any alterations to a booking are subject to availability based on the existing schedule, we will always do our best to accommodate where possible.

Do I have the same cleaner each time?

Ongoing cleaning will involve the same operator attending each time so that familiarity can be developed helping with the efficiency and consistency of the cleaning. One off bookings will typically be allocated based on availability and proximity, however requests for specific operators will always be taken into account.

What do I do if the cleaner doesn’t turn up?

If an operator is running late for whatever reason they will contact you directly to advise or make alternate arrangements. If this fails to occur you can contact the main office and we will follow up directly, arranging a replacement cleaner or rescheduling should the issue be unable to resolve itself.

Are you pet friendly?

We are happy to have pets around but typically advise that you isolate them during the cleaning process to help keep the area, and the pet, as clean as possible. Ultimately it is to the discretion of the cleaner whether they feel comfortable working with a pet around, so we typically suggest you advise if there are likely to be animals around.

What is the next step?

We hope to have answered some of your questions here. Your next step is to call us on 1300 737 978 or on our mobile 0425 758 379 to ask any further questions or lock in a time for the booking.