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Keen to Clean – Awarded Young Executive of the Year 2015

Keen Leader for a Keen to Clean Group!!

Last Saturday the Keen to Clean Group Managing Director Brijesh Purohit was recognised for his contributions tothe business world by winning the Indian Executive Council [IEC] 2015 Young Executive Award. Celebrating the young businessmen who brought the most to the business sphere for both Indians and Australia at large, the award acknowledged Brijesh as an integral part of the modern Indian Australian business scene. The award ceremony was held on Saturday 21st of November at Peninsula in Docklands and was attended by Australia’s most prominent Indian-Australian businessmen.

The IEC is a group of business professionals and experts of Indian origin who pool their collect ive knowledge and resources to help further legitimise Indians in the Australian business scene. Celebrating their 5th awards ceremony, the awards are a very prestigious commemoration of the most integral Indian players at a time where the business sphere is at its most hostile. The Young Executive award in particular is important as they identify the people who will lead the future Indian Australian business world.

Brijesh Purohit is the Managing Director  of Keen to Clean and the head of AstraCrop, a construction company. He has dedicated his work life to advocating strong business principles and support over short term profits and has spoken at multiple events on multiple business topics. Keen to Clean Group has received many business awards over its history, currently residing as one of the most celebrated and acknowledged cleaning companies in Australian history. His Indian heritage an integral part of how he sees himself as an Australian, Brijesh has played a very prominent role in the Australian Indian community.

“Business recognition is the cornerstone for legitimacy in the eyes of our customers, that is something I wholeheartedly believe,” said Brijesh. “But there is something particularly moving about being recognised for my contributions to the Indian community in particular.”


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