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Keen to Clean – Asthma Awareness Week

Keen to Clean – Asthma Awareness Week

Being Aware of Your Asthma

Asthma is something that many people suffer

Despite that not much is known about why it starts and many people ignore or are unaware of the symptoms for a long time before they get it looked into. Asthma left unchecked can be a very heavy hit to your quality of life and potentially more serious if an attack is bad enough.

To help curb that and bring more attention to asthma as an issue the 1st to the 7th of September is National Australian Asthma Week.

During this awareness week people are invited to assess their asthma, whether it be determining if the relievers or medcations you take are sufficient or even if you have recently been displaying symptoms of asthma despite not suffering it in the past. It is important to understand that asthma symptoms often change without warning across a lifespan, meaning people who have not suffered it in a long time can suddenly face it anew and vice versa.

What to Look Out For

Some important symptoms to look out for are obvious things like frequent shortness of breath even when you aren’t necessarily doing activity, irritating wheezing that doesn’t seem associated with a cold, the classic ‘vice like sensation’ on your chest, and probably most significantly that these sorts of things pop up intermittently across multiple days and months ongoing.

It is also important to remember that even if you have been diagnosed you need to keep track of your symptoms. Many people don’t tend to get as many attacks once they become adults, but having an emergency treatment as prescribed by your doctor on your person or in important locations like at work or at home is always advised no matter how confident you are that you won’t get an attack.

Most of all though it is important that you see your doctor periodically regarding your asthma, particularly when your symptoms suddenly change.

If you have any questions about Asthma then please go on to this link: http://asthmaaustralia.org.au/

How we are Helping

Obviously keeping environments as dust free as possible is a good way to help mitigate asthma attacks occurring frequently. This can only be achieved through regular dusting and vacuuming.

This is particularly true for offices and schools and other buildings that have a mixture of a lot of traffic bringing in dust and dirt and kicking it around and a lot of permanent fixtures like shelves and cubicles that don’t get shifted often and will become very dusty very quickly.

As part of our ongoing cleaning services, dusting and vacuuming is the cornerstone of maintaining a comfortable work or living space. Besides helping to reduce the likelihood of asthma it also has an effect on the smell and appearance of a room.

So contact Keen to Clean today if you are interested in setting up a quote for regular cleaning with a focus on dusting and vacuuming that will help make your workplace safer for asthma sufferers and more pleasant for everyone in general