Keen on All Fronts – My Business Awards and FCA Awards 2012

Keen to Clean Group – Finalist in FCA Awards & My Business Awards 2012

The Keen to Clean Group has long considered a balanced approach to business the key to success and has expressed a desire to reach an end goal that means everyone wins. The group recently raised eyebrows by becoming finalists in several business award categories: the 2012 My Business Awards ‘Best Employer’ and ‘Best Strategy’ categories and the FCA 2012 ‘Social Responsibility’ category. Receiving accolade in two such distinct, and often opposing, sides of business is acknowledgement that you really can have it all if you are keen enough.
The FCA and My Business Awards are two of the biggest business awards of the Australian calendar. The FCA [Franchise Council of Australia] awards focus on franchise operations in particular and their impact on the Australian business scene. The My Business Awards focus on businesses of all sizes, rewarding unique or well considered businesses leading the trends. They are both judged by experts and peers within the industry and are designed to demonstrate who the big movers in the business world are.
These rewards are a unique victory for the Keen to Clean Group, representing new breakthroughs as they move their way up the industry. It is the first time the group has been a finalist for a My Business Award and in two categories no less. Considering that this award judges all business types, not just franchise structures, this is a significant recognition. It is also the first time the group has been a finalist for a Social Responsibility category, this time with the FCA. The franchise industry notoriously focuses on social responsibility as a major selling point, therefore to be a leader in the category is showing that the approach the group is taking is having a positive impact.
“We are really pleased to receive any recognition for our business practices, but there it is particularly nice when you are receiving recognition for areas of business that very often grind or conflict. We feel that this shows we are taking everyone into consideration,’ said Mr Brijesh Purohit, Managing Director of Keen to Clean.
“We are taking responsibility for every element of our business. The social impact we have, the strategies we employ and the way we manage our employees and franchises. This critically recognized approach is the key to Keen to Clean’s great services.”
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