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Keen Esteem: Indian Executive Club [IEC] 2013 Business Awards

Keen Esteem: Indian Executive Club [IEC] 2013 Business Awards

Proud of the heritage of the Managing Directors and their birth and start in India the Keen to Clean Group has always sought to be an exemplary and contemporary Australian business. The Group has received accolades from multiple different prestigious business awards but last week the Group received an honour that was very close to heart and home by taking home the Best Small Business category for the influential Indian Executive Club [IEC] 2013 Business Awards. Attending the ceremony, which had former Prime Minister John Howard in attendance, the Group also received finalist positions in two other categories.

The Indian Executive is an influential business magazine that focuses on the state of business of and between India and Australia. As both countries form stronger ties more than ever it is an area of business that is maturing and legitimising. Recognition from these experts demonstrates that a company is taking strides in changing both the performance and the perceptions people have of Indian run businesses in Australia and abroad.

The Keen to Clean Group is a typically multicultural Australian business but with that the Groups management has never forgotten their origins. Supporting community events and helping immigrants find stable long term work, the Group has been an important part of Indian business for some time. Thanks to these efforts, and perhaps to reinforce them, the group was able to walk away with the multiple awards and a renewed sense of purpose.

“There are perceptions of Indians and of cleaners that are negative, especially when put together, that we have strived to change,” said Brijesh Purohit, Managing Director
of Keen to Clean. “Be it through offering superior and reliable cleaning services or through a managerial system that gets the attention of experts, we want to show that a business is about what it produces, not who produces it.”

“I am Australian through and through but part of that is acknowledging and supporting where you came from. I hope to do more work in this area and more than anything am thankful that this is the place I get to do it,” he said.

Keen to Clean Group is available for any enquiries or support you might need. Contact enquiry@keentoclean.com.au or call 1300 737 978 anytime to organise a quote or make a booking.