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Keen Committees Help Keen Cleanout Year

Keen Committees Help Keen Cleanout Year

From the Committees Desk:

It takes more than just keenness to stay at the head of the cleaning industry, it takes planning and insight. The Keen to Clean Group has two dedicated committees to assure they are constantly at the top of their game: the Franchise Advisory Council and the Marketing Committee. With the end of a financial year upon us the committees met for the last time last Friday. They will meet the next scheduled meeting with a new set of faces as the group holds its annual internal elections.
The Franchise Advisory Council and the Marketing Committee have been the driving force behind many of the success stories of the group including:
– The popular Facebook ‘Like’ competition, that rewarded the lucky winner one year free cleaning
– Frequent update on the Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin official pages
– A new regular newsletter with tips and special offers including savings vouchers
– The Real Estate Check List that has put additional focus on working with real estates and passing the benefits of that onto our customers.
– The pioneering Premium Domestic Package, our exciting new service that we will reveal more details about later
– The franchise Buy Back Guarantee system, making it a better time than ever to join the Keen to Clean team.
The committees have placed a unique focus on making sure that you all get to have more insight into our group and the way we function. Asked if he believed this goal had been achieved Brijesh Purohit, Managing Director of Keen to Clean had to say, “We feel that Keen to Clean has a voice, a spirit, that no other cleaning group can offer. We feel that people like being able to speak to the group more openly and we will continue to give people that opportunity.”

Marketing Committee Members – Keen to Clean Group

“This has been a very unique year of growth for us and we have achieved a lot of great things. More than anything, though, I feel we have proved that we are indeed Keen to Clean.” All the committee members were affiliated with certificates for their utmost support and participation in the development for new business strategies.
The new Committees will be elected within the next few weeks. Their results, as well as the successes of the previous committees, can be sampled by organising a clean with the Keen to Clean group by contacting the main office on1330 737 978 or via email to enquiry@keentoclean.com.au