Is the sight of your washroom and canteen areas awful? Do you fear to go to the office because of the unclean surroundings? No employee can have good peace of mind and work in such an unhygienic environment. It thus becomes impossible to generate a good amount of work productivity.

Let us understand why it is important to have an office cleaning routine.

  • Diseases are transferred through several carriers and water coolant buttons are found to be a serious risk for the spread of various diseases.
  • Office desks are more than 400% times dirtier than a toilet seat. Hence, it requires regular dusting and cleaning to avoid infection and unnecessary diseases.
  • With regular use of telephones by different people, office telephones can have 25000 germs per square inch.
  • Surfaces that are not disinfected, have the bacteria count increased by up to 31% each day.
  • 75% of washroom tap handles are not hygienic and can spread several contagious diseases.

Owning to unclean offices, most employees can be affected. Office cleaning must be considered as a priority as people spend most of their time in offices. Irregular or zero office cleaning can lead to illness and consequently employee absenteeism. This leads to low productivity and a good advantage to your competitors.

It is essential to hire an office cleaning company to ensure that your business is not affected. The office cleaning company will be responsible for offering the best cleaning services making your office shine with cleanliness.

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