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How to Get Started with Window Cleaning in Aged Care Facilities

How to Get Started with Window Cleaning in Aged Care Facilities

How to Get Started with Window Cleaning in Aged Care Facilities

Own an age care facility? Having a hard time maintaining its windows in pristine condition? Window cleaning in aged care facilities is crucial not only for maintaining a pleasant environment but also to ensure the residents’ well-being and health is taken care of who often spend a lot of time indoors.

If you’re an owner of an aged care facility and want to get started with your window cleaning, then read along. Here are the top 6 steps to effectively clean windows in aged care settings, as practiced by professional aged care cleaning services in Sydney. Let’s dive in.

Choose the Right Cleaning Solution

Windows in aged care facilities can accumulate dust and grime quickly, both inside and out. Start by removing loose dust with a dry, soft-bristled brush or microfiber cloth to prevent scratching the glass.

It’s essential to use a gentle, non-toxic cleaning solution that effectively cleans without leaving harmful residues. Opt for eco-friendly commercial products or homemade solutions like a mix of vinegar and water which are safe for both the residents and the environment.

Implement Safe Cleaning Practices

Safety is paramount in aged care facilities. Ensure that all cleaning staff use proper safety gear and follow protocols, especially when cleaning exterior windows.

Using extendable squeegees and water-fed poles will help clean high windows safely from the ground whilst maintaining the safety required.

Focus on Regular Maintenance

Regular window cleaning is vital in aged care facilities to maintain a clear view and ensure that natural light penetrates effectively, which is beneficial for the health of the residents.

Schedule aged care cleaning sessions during quieter hours to minimise disturbance.

Disinfect Windowsills and Frames

While the glass is important, don’t overlook the windowsills and frames. These areas can harbor bacteria and fungi, particularly in damper climates.

We recommend wiping them down regularly with a disinfectant to keep the windows hygienic and fully functional.

Educate Your Team

Training your cleaning team is crucial. They should understand the specific needs of cleaning in an aged care environment, including how to interact respectfully with residents and what cleaning chemicals are safest for use around vulnerable populations.

Having a well-educated team will not only help you clean your windows effectively but also help maintain a high standard of cleanliness within your aged care facility all year round.

Seek Professional Help

Sometimes, the scale or nature of window cleaning can be overwhelming for in-house staff, especially in larger facilities. Hiring a professional aged care cleaning company in Sydney, like Keen to Clean Cleaning, ensures that windows are maintained to the highest standard without compromising the safety or comfort of residents.

Final Thoughts

Effective window cleaning in aged care facilities doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right approach and understanding, it can be managed efficiently and with great care. This not only enhances the facility’s appearance but also boosts the morale and health of its residents.

Struggling with the complexity of window cleaning at your facility? Consider partnering with Keen to Clean. Our experienced team offers comprehensive aged care cleaning services in Sydney tailored for aged care facilities, ensuring clarity, cleanliness, and comfort for all residents.

For more information on our services or to book a professional window cleaning session, contact Keen to Clean for a detailed consultation and quote.