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How to Clean and Care For Wooden Furniture

Tips to Take Care and Clean Wooden Furniture

Just like wooden floors, hardwood furniture should also be cleaned and cared for. It can prolong the life of the furniture as long as cleaning is done properly.
Extending the life of your furniture, carpets, or wooden floors can save you tons of money because you do not have to replace anything.
There are several factors as to why wood furniture gets damaged and ways on how to prevent them.
Heat and Humidity
Furniture sets that are crafted from wood is carefully dried up. Doing so will retain the wood’s moisture so that the furniture can adapt by either shrinking or expanding, depending on the humidity level of your home.
However, if you do not have an air conditioner or dehumidifier, your furniture may absorb to much moisture in the air and it may expand too much. This may cause furniture doors and drawers to stick, making it hard to open.
Remember, constant and abrupt changes to the humidity can cause damage to your furniture.
To prevent damage, you need to remember the following:
– use a dehumidifier in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer.
– avoid placing them in direct sunlight. If it can not be helped, be sure that there are curtains on the windows to protect the furniture.
– do not place them near places where there is a lot of heat, such as the fireplace and radiators.
Now that you have done some protective solution for your wood furniture, cleaning them is also needed to prolong their life.
Before applying any cleaning solutions, check or contact your manufacturer for any recommendations, proper ways of cleaning, and such, because every furniture product and its finish is different.
Also, do not use span chemicals like alcohol to clean the surface. They can harm the finish of your furniture sets.
Repairing small damage can easily be done by yourself. But before doing it, test cleaning chemicals and such to areas that are hidden or not easily seen. This is to know whether or not it can damage the finish or surface.
Here are some of the tips on repairing and cleaning your furniture:

To repair them, you simply need to use either a shoe polish, a crayon, or a felt tipped marker. The colour must be the same as your furniture.

Rings and Water Marks
To remove them, you can use mayonnaise or white toothpaste. Rub it on the affected area, and then wipe it dry. After that, you can wax or polish it.
Milk and Alcohol Stains
You can use liquid or paste wax on the stain. Rub it on the affected area, then wipe it dry. After that, you can wax or polish it.
Cigarette Burns
If the burn is shallow, you can use a steel pad but rub them lightly. After you have removed the burn marks, use the same method in removing scratches. However, deep burn marks cannot be repaired through this method.
To remove deep burn marks, scrape it using a utility knife or razor blade. After you have removed the burn marks, you need to either use a wood-type body filler, shellac stick, or wax.
Wax and Gum
Use an ice cube wrapped with a cloth on the surface of the affected area. When the wax or gum hardens, scrape it off gently. After that, you can wax or polish it.
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