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Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company? Don’t Forget to Ask These 7 Questions

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company? Don’t Forget to Ask These 7 Questions

Seeking a new cleaning company for your facility? Undoubtedly, selecting the right commercial cleaning services provider in Melbourne or your area can be a challenging endeavor. However, doing so is essential as this can help you partner with a company that’s not only experienced but also someone you can look upon for reliable cleaning of your commercial space.

In that regard, asking the right questions is also crucial and will make your job of hiring a company a whole lot easier. To simplify things a bit and help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled some essential questions to ask a prospective commercial cleaning company before you bring them on board. Read along.

Q 1. What Cleaning Solutions Does Your Company Offer?

One of the most basic yet important questions to ask when evaluating a commercial cleaning company is inquiring about the range of cleaning services they offer.

While many companies are adept at handling basic tasks from dusting to vacuuming, and disinfecting surfaces, there are some who might provide specialised services like window washing and hardwood floor buffing. Make sure you understand the full scope of their offerings to ensure they align with your specific needs.

Q 2. Is Your Company Insured?

When considering commercial cleaning services in Melbourne or wherever you’re based, it’s also necessary to ensure whether they are insured and bonded.

Ask about the coverage standards of the cleaning company you’ll be teaming with. This is to safeguard you in scenarios where a company employee might accidentally damage something in your office or sustain an injury while working. Ensuring both are covered will help in the long run.

Q 3. What Kind of Training Does the Cleaning Staff Receive?

When choosing an office cleaning company, also see whether they equip their team with the right tools and comprehensive training tailored to your facility’s specific needs.

Whether it’s medical cleaning, school sanitation, or industrial cleaning in Melbourne, having a cleaner that has undergone specialised training is an added advantage and will give you total peace of mind when it comes to your space’s cleaning needs.

Q 4. Do You Often Screen Employees?

Not only is conducting a rigorous screening process for applicants crucial but an essential step to avoid any catastrophic disasters. See whether your company conducts background checks on a daily basis, especially that for drug use and criminal history. Remember, the top commercial space cleaning services providers will often go the extra mile by using personality tests to find candidates that align well with their values and mission.

Validate past employment and check references as these can also significantly contribute to assembling a reliable and efficient team. Remember, if a janitorial company compromises on their screening processes, they might potentially be jeopardizing your space, your employees, and even your reputation.

Q 5. What Industries Do You Specially Cater To?

Many cleaning companies provide specialized cleaning to businesses that fall under a certain industry or niche, so asking this question makes sense. It will also give you a better idea of the company you’ll be hiring and the expertise they bring to the table.

After all, if you’re a business that operates aged care homes, you don’t want to team up a dental office cleaner.

Q 6. Are You Certified as Per Cleaning Standards?

In Australia, obtaining certification according to safety and cleaning standards is not only vital but also enhances the credibility of a professional business cleaning company. When considering potential cleaning services, it’s essential to inquire whether they are certified.

They stand as some of the most stringent credentials crafted for this industry, and their presence speaks volumes about a company’s commitment to excellence.

Q 7. What Quality Control Process Do You Follow?

When choosing a cleaning company, it’s necessary that they follow certain quality control protocols as well as manage the quality of their services. See if they conduct quality inspections and maintain clear communication among their personnel and the rest of the staff.

The most reputable commercial cleaners are always attentive with quality control and leverage inspections to continually refine their cleaning processes. This is so you receive the finest cleaning for your facility. Don’t overlook this essential step before you board a cleaning company for your organization.

Now that you know what essential questions you must ask your potential commercial cleaners in Melbourne, make sure you also hire a company that’s reliable and trusted in your local area no matter whether your business operates out of Melbourne or Sydney. Looking for a reliable company to hire for office cleaning services? We at Keen to Clean can help. Book a quick consultation with our team. Get a quick quote now.