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GYM Cleaning Boxhill

GYM Cleaning Boxhill – Service Provider Keen to Clean

Location: Box Hill, 24 hour gym with around 60 to 100 regular visitors a day

Problem: Despite regular cleaning a gym noticed multiple areas were slowly building up problems.

Gyms involve a lot of moving around, lots of foot traffic and equipment that doesn’t get much opportunity to shake off dust. In other words, it is a place that needs a lot of ongoing care otherwise it will very quickly become unbearably smelly and unhygienic.

But when we met this gym they noted that despite being happy with the general cleaning being provided they still felt the gym was getting worse and worse and didn’t know what to do.


Assessing the cleaning we came to several conclusions of ways we could help the gym get back on track.

The first is to acknowledge that day to day cleaning will never truly be enough to keep the gym 100%. It is integral to get a more focused and thorough detail clean at least once a month. This involves a lot of smaller jobs that might not necessarily benefit from being done every single day, like full dusting of under equipment or heavy grout scrubbing.

The second is that often deeper cleaning of many of the standard items will be necessary. The most obvious is periodic steam cleaning of carpeted areas, which is usually the reception and office spaces. Buffing of rubber mats periodically will help assure that any buildups are removed before they start smelling or damaging the surface. For hard floors, like basketball courts, we can do buffing or strip and polishes to get rid of scuffs and even out the surfaces.

The ability for a cleaning company to offer these periodic focused and deep cleanings is integral to the overall maintenance of a healthy gym.

After explaining the different options that were available the Box Hill gym opted to switch over to Keen to Clean for both regular and focused cleaning. The ability for Keen to Clean to internally organize and coordinate services and their insistence on always assuring things are followed up offered the gym both the solution to their cleaning concerns and helped assure they were confident going onwards.

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