Combo Cleaning Franchise Frankston

Name: Kunal Pandya

Services Offered:
Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, General Cleaning, Move-Out Packages, Pressure Water Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Builders Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Flood Restoration, Domestic Cleaning.

1. What Attracted You To The Keen To Clean Group (KTCG) Franchise?

There were many elements. Extensive and ongoing training, support, and guidance meant I could feel confident in what I was doing. The honesty and integrity of the franchisor was very evident even after meeting them only briefly. And of course, the guaranteed income was a perk in an industry where it can be hard to maintain consistent bookings

2. What Is The Best Thing About Owning A KTCG Franchise?

Being my own boss and being able to control where I go and how I develop or invest. Steady growth and a steady income, so that that I can plan my future with confidence knowing I have great growth prospects. But most of all, the ability to lead a balanced work and personal life, often impossible for people in these types of fields.

3. What Kind Of Support Do You Receive From The KTCG Franchisor?

The franchisor provided me with moral and financial support. When I was starting out they passed on key tips to gain success in the industry and even on how to speak with more confidence. When I went overseas my jobs were managed by the KTCG office so that I didn’t have to stress, their support during this time was amazing. Also during hiring and training new & existing sub-contractors they were with me every step of the way.

4. What Is The Lifestyle Like For A KTCG Franchise Owner?

Owning a KTCG franchise is itself a source of pride for me. I have balanced work and personal life, but to be honest I live a pretty standard life style, haha. I am very comfortable and I feel I would not have been able to feel content like this if I had gone with a different franchisor.

5. How Satisfied Are You With Your KTCG Franchise Purchase?

I am very satisfied with the brand name, ongoing support, ongoing training, steady business growth and of course monetarily as well. I am proud to be a KTCG team member.

6. Why Do You Say That?

I say this because whatever was promised to me before signing up was delivered. The results are easy to see in the sales reports of my business, the success was even more than expected.

7. Why Is A KTCG Franchise Different To Other Cleaning Franchises?

I personally didn’t do much research on any other cleaning franchise. I was dealing only with KTCG is terms of buying a franchise because they immediately took my attention. While speaking to the franchisor, I felt that the group was very honest and down to earth. I was particularly interested in the promises made to keep a steady flow of work to us, to make sure that we would get appropriate amounts.

8. How Has Owning A KTCG Franchise Affected You In A Positive Way?

Yes, it definitely has. Positive cash flow and a steady income has allowed me to live a higher lifestyle. It has also allowed for a more balanced personal and business life, so that I can actually enjoy the successes I achieve.

9. Does The KTCG Franchise Live Up To Your Pre-Purchase Expectations?

Yes, exceeds it as well!

10. Why Do You Say That?

Everything promised was delivered, and more. My sales figures reflect their promises but the support is what surprised me. It was more than I could hope for.

11. What Is The Most Satisfying Experience You Have Had Since Becoming A KTCG Franchise Owner?

My income and expansion have been obvious achievements. The ability to continue to earn even while overseas, and the fact the work was stable enough that no issues occurred is amazing. Starting a team, hiring sub-contractors and watching them grow was a feeling of fulfilment that I did not expect to have, but it has become a very important part of my working life since.
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