Franchise Success Story: Clayton

General Cleaning Franchise Clayton
Name: Hardik Pandya

Services Offered:
General Cleaning, Move-Out Packages, Pressure Water Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Builders Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Domestic Cleaning.

Awards Affiliation:

Winner of 2010 Best Operator for the Year!!!
Winner of 2011 Best Franchise Owner for the Year!!!

1. What Attracted You To The Keen To Clean Group (KTCG) Franchise?

Various key fundamentals have attracted me to purchase the general cleaning franchise in Clayton. I had various meeting with the Franchisor to discuss the options and to see that how this franchise is going to help me. In those meetings, I got the honest and right answers to my questions which helped me to take the decision on going further. Some of the key features were: ongoing support, extensive and ongoing training and all efficient business guidance are from the lot more elements. Also, the guaranteed income attached with each of the franchise. I think in this business reliability and image is important things that the KTCG seemed and made me to have going for it

2. What Is The Best Thing About Owning A KTCG Franchise

Getting good experience, exposure and running your own business whilst also getting enough support so that you don’t have to worry if you make a mistake. Also, getting the chance to constantly learn new things is something that has always appealed to me and I haven’t stopped learning since I started.

3. What Kind Of Support Do You Receive From The KTCG Franchisor?

The franchisor provided me with moral and right guidance support even when I was just enquiring about the franchise. Every time you need it support is provided. But more importantly they offer open communication and a strong knowledge base. When I was on my initial days of business they passed on key tips to gain success in the cleaning industry. When I went overseas my jobs were managed by the KTCG office so that I didn’t have to stress and enjoying holidays, their support during this time was amazing. They also built right amount of motivation and confidence in each franchise owner.

4. What Is The Lifestyle Like For A KTCG Franchise Owner?

Busier! Frankly speaking I was a student when the franchise was purchased. But I have managed my business, studies and personal life in an appropriate way without any stress.

5. How Satisfied Are You With Your KTCG Franchise Purchase?

Yes, I am definitely satisfied with the ongoing business support, growth and constantly increasing income.

6. Why Do You Say That?

It is living up to the expectations I had when I signed up.

7. Why Is A KTCG Franchise Different To Other Cleaning Franchises?

I was associated with Keen to Clean for a very long time as a sub-contractor, hence I was personally didn’t do much research on any other cleaning franchise. I was dealing only with KTCG is terms of buying a franchise because their franchise model and concept immediately took my attention. While speaking to the franchisor, I felt that the group was open and giving all the information upfront which were very transparent this also made me feel that the group is very honest and I was particularly interested with the guaranteed income associated with each level of franchise. Ultimately it is what made me go with the franchise. More interesting factor about the KTCG franchise is that they are looking for business mind people and cleaners as such, who like to grow and become an established entrepreneur. The franchise model is very unique and different from other franchises in that it rewards a balance of business and cleaning success that allows for fast growth and expansion.

8. How Has Owning A KTCG Franchise Affected You In A Positive Way?

It taught me to grow my business by using proper communication with customers. The group taught me new methods and techniques for doing this, as well as business knowledge in general.

9. Does The KTCG Franchise Live Up To Your Pre-Purchase Expectations?

Yes, it exceeds the initial expectation.

10. Why Do You Say That?

My sales goals are being met consistently; more often than not exceeded as well.

11. When Was Your Biggest Growth Period?

The first and second year of business operation.

12. What Was The Growth Percentage At That Period?


13. What Is The Most Satisfying Experience You Have Had Since Becoming A KTCG Franchise Owner?

Satisfaction level was good even when I was just starting and it is improving day by day with more possibilities and growth options constantly becoming available.

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