Facts About Carpet Cleaning

Facts About Carpet Cleaning
Cleaning carpet not only beautifies the house but also prevents dusts, grit, and sand in conflicting us with allergic reactions. Though daily vacuuming is an important cleaning activity, to remove all dusts and dirts. But a deep extraction cleaning must be performed to remove really stubborn stains or embedded soil. Most carpet manufacturers would recommend that carpets must be dry- or wet-extraction cleaned, or, at least, use a cleaning method recommended by them to maintain warranty.
Carpets in general regardless of its fiber should receive regular deep carpet cleaning to maintain its look and keep its peak condition. Now, there are two (2) basic methods used by carpet cleaners like us, Keen To Clean: the Carpet Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction) Method or Carpet Dry Cleaning (Bonnet) Method.

  1. The Hot Water Extraction method is widely recommeded by carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers. It is also classified as “deep cleaning” because it is capable of removing soil deep in the carpeting or removing really heavy stains. Also, the advantage of this process is that it has ability to flush out large amounts of it.
  2. The Bonnet Method is misted onto the carpet in the form of a spray. Next, a circular rotating buffer with an absorbent pad attached is run over the carpet where the soil dirts attaches itself. The advantage of the Bonnet method is that the drying process is very quick