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Essential Tips to Know While Cleaning Upholstery

Essential Tips to Know While Cleaning Upholstery

Ever had to deal with horrid stains on your upholstery that absolutely refuse to budge? We know the struggle. And in commercial spaces where people come and go often, and form first impressions based on what is seen, this is even more of an embarrassment if your cleaning crew is lagging. While hiring professional services is the perfect solution to ensuring a thorough cleaning of the area, here are a few tips to keep in mind to clean upholstery stains:

Getting rid of dust and dirt

Dust and dirt are as common an addition to your upholstery as the cushions you place on them. The greatest problem lies when the dirt is pushed through underneath the fabric. If one does not follow a regular pattern of cleaning the upholstery by using a vacuum, the chances of the fabric losing its sheen and quality is high.

Getting food stains out

Food stains can be a huge pain if your upholstery is delicate. And if it cheesy, greasy food items that you prefer the most, you are in for an agonising time. The best way to take out food stains is creating a mixture of dish soap in cold water and dabbing at the stain with a cloth dipped in the solution. For grease stain or spots, pouring a bit of baking soda to soak at the stain and dusting it off after a while can work wonders.

Cleaning spillage of liquids

Spilling beverages or drinks on an upholstery is enough to get your heart racing faster than a jet plane. And for good reason! Coffee and beer stains are hard to get off of your furnishings without a bit of struggle. The best way is to add some detergent to bit of warm water, apply it on the stain, and blot it using blotting paper. In case the stain is more stubborn than you thought, make a solution using vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:2 on the stain and allow it to air-dry. With corporate meetings and other such events that need beverages to be served in commercial spaces while having a chat seated on the best furnishings, it is best to call in professionals for upholstery cleaning in Sydney for industrial and commercial spaces.

Whether you carry out the cleaning yourself or hire professional services, make sure to keep these tips in mind.