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Commercial Or Office Cleaning: Welcoming New Normal Into Our Healthie Office Spaces

Commercial Or Office Cleaning: Welcoming New Normal Into Our Healthie Office Spaces

Over one year since COVID-19 first reached Australian shores, many of us have adapted to living in a state of flux. Sure, we still find ourselves thinking ‘Will there be another outbreak? Another lockdown?’. But as a nation we have come a long way. Together we’ve donned face masks, socially distanced, and embraced the importance of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation.

Is there any going back? Well, that is the million-dollar question. But one thing we are certain of here at Keen To Clean, is that when it comes to cleanliness, the “new normal” of commercial office cleaning is here to stay. And trust us, that’s a good thing. Why? We’re glad you asked…

High-touch areas – no longer just the favourite haunt of the common cold virus

High-touch areas in office spaces, such as desk surfaces, keyboards, light switches, door handles, copiers and other communal equipment are sometimes touched hundreds of times in a day by many different hands. With up to 80% of viruses passed on through touching an infected surface, it’s now safe to assume that these grubby hot spots are potentially passing on more sinister germs than common cold viruses. It’s no wonder many of us are now agreeing that the increased rate and quality of commercial office space cleaning in response to the pandemic should have come about a long time ago. But hey, now we know better.

Air quality concerns taken to new heights in commercial office suites

The pandemic has also had us rethink our tolerance for poor air quality in our office spaces. Dust, chemicals and other allergens have always been a problematic part of working indoors for long periods of time – especially when you add air-conditioning to the mix. COVID-19 has had us nervously questioning just what it is that we’re breathing in when we’re inside our offices and where (or who) it comes from. Commercial cleaners use quality air filters in vacuums that trap harmful dust particles and prevent them from re-entering your air space. What’s more, air-quality is getting more attention through increased air-conditioning servicing and filter cleaning, and we are now seeing antibacterial misting technology used more frequently in everyday office cleaning services – something that was once reserved for specific high-risk facilities.

A new level of personal responsibility between co-workers

Co-workers have always walked a fine line when it comes to sharing close quarters in which one works, eats, and uses the bathroom. The workplace highlights many of the challenges faced when intimate interactions are managed outside of the home. For example, if you’re working alongside someone who constantly shows up to work sick and doesn’t clean up after themselves in the lunch room (or worse, in the bathroom) – it can make things a little tense. Add a global pandemic to this melting pot and you can see why people have clung to opportunities to work from home like a (sanitised and socially distanced) life raft.

Thankfully, in Australia right now, we are in a place where outbreaks are few and far between and many of us have been able to safely return to the office. But along with our sense of tentative calm, we have also brought a new level of responsibility to our co-workers back into the office with us. Frequent and thorough hand washing, giving each other more physical space, being more considerate about staying home when sick, and cleaning up after ourselves in communal spaces – it’s enough to make our hearts sing here at Keen To Clean. Because there’s nothing we love more than seeing our clients thrive in healthy, clean workplaces.

Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered

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