When it comes to commercial cleaning needs, there are some jobs that absolutely must be left to the professionals. The health and safety of you, your staff, and your customers could very well depend on knowing when DIY cleaning is acceptable and when only quality commercial cleaning professionals will get the job done right. Here are five examples of when you really should hire professional cleaners:

1. Childcare Centres and Schools

Childcare centres and schools attract high levels of germs, and so for the sake of the health, safety, and wellbeing of attending children, only the very best professional cleaners should be considered for the cleaning requirements of these facilities. Quality, professional cleaners will not only help minimise the presence and spread of germs in school settings with efficient, regular cleaning, but will also help staff to ensure children are cared for in a space that is tidy, clean and safe. In addition to this, a quality commercial cleaning company will offer additional ad-hoc services to help respond quickly and efficiently to outbreaks of illnesses and minimise the risk of germs spreading.

2. Medical Centres and Healthcare Facilities

Patients visiting a medical or healthcare facility such as a doctor’s clinic or specialist’s rooms, are essentially putting their wellbeing in the hands of a trusted practitioner at their preferred medical facility. An unsanitary clinic tells patients that the medical facility in which they place their faith and loyalty, does not necessarily have the highest regard for their health and wellbeing – at least when it comes to cleaning. For this reason – as well as for the purpose of meeting health and safety legislative requirements – patients’ expectations must be managed when it comes to hygiene in medical and healthcare facilities. After all, medical facilities of all kinds are high-risk environments in which infectious illnesses and diseases may spread to others. What’s the best way to manage expectations? Call in professional medical centre cleaners.

3. Aged Care Facilities

Sadly, there are too many examples of poorly managed aged care facilities in the news these days, with conditions in these centres often less than acceptable. The cleaning of aged care facilities is a fundamental element of caring for society’s elderly; without effective, high-quality cleaning carried out by trained and experienced cleaning professionals, aged care residents and staff face the potential unchecked spread of illness and infection – and facility owners face potential litigation. It is so important to be sure that your professional cleaners have the experience, equipment, and tools to get the job done right – assisting with protecting and nurturing the aged care community.

4. Commercial Office Cleaning

Busy teams shouldn’t have to worry about the day-to-day cleaning of the office. A recent study by Harvard University concluded that a clean and tidy office space enhances staff productivity. But this isn’t the only reason commercial office cleaning should be left to the professionals. Just as important is the fact that your workspace is an extension of your brand. Quality, professional cleaners will ensure your office remains clean and sanitary, and your hard-earned reputation remains intact whilst working to a cleaning schedule that suits your workplace.

5. Car Dealership and Service Centres

The cleanliness of an auto dealership should reflect the shiny, immaculate cars displayed within. Showroom floors, reception areas, waiting areas, sales offices …. these are all areas in a dealership regularly frequented by customers and therefore should be cleaned to a high standard – ensuring a seamlessly impressive customer experience. Quality professional cleaners will help you ensure your customer’s attention is distracted by nothing other than that shining dream car.

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