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Cleaning Underrated Areas in Your Office? Here’s How to Do It

Cleaning Underrated Areas in Your Office? Here’s How to Do It

Cleaning Underrated Areas in Your Office? Here’s How to Do It

Office cleaning can often be a routine task that many rush through, eager to get it done. This rush can lead to overlooking certain areas that are crucial for maintaining a healthy environment, especially during health crises. Being a reputable commercial cleaning services provider in Sydney, we at Keen to Clean, emphasise the importance of thoroughness in every cleaning session, especially in less obvious places that accumulate germs due to frequent use.

Here are the top 7 areas in offices that are often neglected but require regular cleaning and where you can get started as per most office cleaning providers in Syndey. Read along.

Start With the Switches

Often overlooked, light or electrical switches are touched by numerous people throughout the day. Although some rooms might use sensors or timers for lights, manual switches in other areas can accumulate germs quickly.

It’s crucial to wipe down these switches regularly with a moist disinfectant cloth to prevent the spread of germs.

Disinfect Door Handles

Door handles are perhaps the most touched and least thought about when it comes to cleaning. People come and go, constantly handling doors without a second thought about the cleanliness.

Do what most Sydney commercial cleaning experts would do. Wipe handles regularly, especially during peak flu and cold seasons. This can prevent the spread of illness and promote a healthier workplace.

Wipe Furniture Surfaces

Just like light switches, furniture surfaces like those found on drawers and cupboards are frequently touched and rarely cleaned.

Like any office cleaning services provider in Sydney would do, furniture surfaces should be wiped down regularly with disinfecting wipes to maintain a cleaner surface and reduce the spread of contaminants.

Clean the Taps

Whether in the bathroom or kitchen, taps are high-touch areas that can harbor bacteria and viruses. People often touch these before they wash their hands, leaving behind germs that the next person may pick up.

Daily cleaning of taps with disinfectant can help reduce this risk significantly.

Tidy Up Computer Equipment

These personal items can become a breeding ground for bacteria due to constant use and are seldom included in regular cleaning routines.

As many Sydney office cleaning services would recommend, disconnecting these devices and using canned air to blow out debris, followed by wiping with a disinfectant, can greatly improve their cleanliness.

Don’t Forget Elevator & Vending Machine Buttons

In any office building, elevator buttons get touched by almost everyone but are not often cleaned. Using a disinfectant solution on a cloth, gently wipe the buttons to remove fingerprints and germs without damaging the electronics.

Like elevator buttons, vending machine buttons accumulate a lot of contact from various users. Regular cleaning, particularly after peak use times like lunch breaks, can help keep these areas sanitary.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, cleaning areas that’re often overlooked doesn’t have to be a difficult task if you know how to get started that is. With the right know-hows and insight, every task can be made simpler and less hard to deal with.

Having trouble doing it yourself? Have a professional office or commercial cleaner in Sydney do it instead. We at Keen to Clean are here to help. With our comprehensive commercial office cleaning services in Sydney, our cleaning experts will help you tidy up every nook and cranny of your office space with ease.

For further guidance on maintaining cleanliness in often-missed office areas, or to schedule a professional office cleaning near you, contact Keen to Clean for a quick quote.