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Cleaning Checklist to Ensure a Clean Restaurant

Cleaning Checklist to Ensure a Clean Restaurant

Restaurants need more than just good food to become a favourite among their patrons. The ambience, the hospitality and, most of all, the cleanliness are important factors in making a restaurant a good one. Here is a checklist that you should go through to ensure a clean establishment:

At the kitchen front

Cleaning cooking equipment and machinery: Make sure your clean the fryer, the grills, and all other equipment on a regular basis. Empty the coffee machine every once in a while to clean it from the inside. Be sure to clean below the equipment as well.

Scrubbing, washing and disinfecting: The floors, walls, and the kitchen tops need to be scrubbed and washed daily to avoid infestation or pests and rodents. Grease and food residue are clear invitations to roaches and other insects that feast on an unclean environment. Make sure you clean around the trash can in the kitchen as well so there are no food items fallen around which could be a cause for infestation.

In the dining area

Cleaning tables, chairs, and floors: Make sure the chairs and tables laid out in the dining area are dusted and clean. The slightest of dust could be a great concern for restaurants since the smallest rumor could cause a bad reputation for your eating joint. Clean the floors every few hours and check the condiment shakers to make sure they are not greasy or soiled. Change the table cloth once a particular table has been emptied to make sure the next guests to arrive have a clean spread to dine on.

Ensuring clean cutlery: Another important factor that restaurant owners need to keep a check on is the cutlery being provided. Rusty or dusty cutlery are sure to land you into trouble and make you lose your patrons.

In the green rooms

Ensuring clean washrooms: This is not doubt as important as having a clean dining area. Everyone who enters your establishment is bound to visit the rest room at some point of time. Make sure the floors and walls of the rest room are scrubbed clean, the toilets disinfection and sanitized, and the sinks wiped thoroughly.

Along with all of these measures, the cleaning crew at every restaurant must ensure that the door handles, glass windows, and wall arts, ceilings, and the air ducts and ventilators are regularly checked and cleaned. To ensure proper cleanliness, it is best to rely on professional services for restaurant cleaning in Melbourne.