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Cinema & Theatre Cleaning: The Importance of Hygiene & Social Distancing in Public Spaces

Cinema & Theatre Cleaning: The Importance of Hygiene & Social Distancing in Public Spaces

As cinemas and theatres reopen around the country, many Australian’s are feeling positive about the sense of normality that comes with such an ease of COIVD-19-related restrictions. For cinema and theatre management, the pressure is now on to ensure the health and safety of staff and patrons. Public health and hygiene are still key concerns for Australian’s despite the more positive circumstances we now find ourselves in compared to a couple of months back. So, how can cinemas and theatres ensure both a safe workplace for staff as well as taking care of the health and safety of their customers. Here are out top 5 tips:

1. Determine which social distancing and maximum capacity restrictions apply to your premises:

Depending on your state, size of your premises and other operational factors, social distancing and maximum capacity measures may vary. Determine exactly what measures apply to your business to meet legislative health and safety requirements. These requirements are constantly changing, so stay informed to stay safe.

2. Communicate these restrictions and measures to staff and customers:

Communicate requirements to staff in the form of WHS meetings, memos, and signage. Offer additional training if appropriate. For customers, communicate requirements on social media, your website, and via clear on-site signage. Explain which restrictions and safety measures are in place and how this may impact their experience.

3. Determine and implement appropriate cleaning and hygiene measures:

Pre-coronavirus cleaning practices and hygiene measures are unlikely to meet current increased health and safety legislative requirements. If you need help determining what is appropriate for your premises, engage a quality professional cleaning company for help. Trained and experienced professional cleaners will have protocols in place to ensure compliance with the latest Government guidelines and legislative requirements

4. Ensure compliance from staff and customers alike with monitoring:

It really is up to management to ensure staff and customers alike are complying with restrictions and maintaining social distancing. Increased monitoring and assessment of all operational aspects of the business is ideal, to ensure any lapse in compliance is recognised and addressed immediately.

5. Deal with an incident immediately:

Should you become aware of a potential confirmed COVID-19 case within your premises, deal with the incident immediately by contacting the appropriate authorities in your state and following the advised protocol. A quality professional cleaning company will be able to advise the best practice in reactive cleaning services and infection control.

It’s no secret most Australian’s are keen to return to our former lifestyles and the idea of seeing a movie with loved ones or friends – or even alone! – has never been more enticing. But we aren’t COVID-free just yet and it’s extremely important for businesses and individuals alike to remain vigilant about public health, hygiene and social distancing. For cinemas and theatres, if your staff and customers don’t feel reassured that risks to their health and safety have been minimised, you may feel the impact to your bottom line at a time where restrictions on capacity already present such challenges.

Keen To Clean understands this can be a confusing time for entertainment venues. Our experienced and dedicated team of professional cleaners can assist in determining what cleaning and hygiene measures are appropriate for ensuring the safety of your staff and customers until we are officially COVID-free as a nation. Whether it be a cinema, theatre, museum, gallery, arts precinct, or other entertainment venue, our experienced professional cleaners can help. We currently service commercial and domestic clients in metro and greater Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide

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