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Child Care Cleaning – Safety Tips

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Cleaning vs Sanitizing vs Disinfecting

A huge element of child care centres is making sure the place is as clean and comfortable as possible. As young children are sensitive to both germs and harsh chemicals and smells, striking that fine balance is necessary.

Part of maintaining the balance is understanding the different products and ways we clean areas and why.

Cleaning is generally just removing dust, dirt and buildups. Most cleaning products don’t necessarily kill germs themselves, instead they are designed to break up anything stuck on surfaces and remove ways that germs can build up easily. The reason this is useful is that most detergents are not very harsh so kids won’t have as many issues dealing with them. Frequent use is recommended, especially floors and the like.

Sanitizing is for areas that are likely to have buildups but also a lot of direct contact. While the products will kill germs, generally they are heavily fragranced or dissipate quickly so that there is no residual bad smells or chances for reactions. This sort of thing is great for frequent use, such as a sanitizing wipe cleandown of tables while kids are outside or a spray down with a surface deodorizer. Keep in mind though that sanitizing, even frequently, is not enough and the place will need a more thorough process occasionally.

Disinfecting is much more heavy duty and tends to require much stronger chemicals. While pure health benefits suggest that disinfecting most of the time is the best option, it can leave the area smelling like a hospital and many children react very negatively to that sort of thing. As such using these sorts of products at the end of a day so they have overnight for the fumes to clear up is often the way to go.

Having a range of products and understanding when and where to use them is an important part of maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of a child care centre. Even with regular cleaning from professionals having a range of equipment for day to day use is still worthwhile.

But when it comes to ongoing cleaning, especially the deep disinfecting necessary to keep kids truly safe then it is best to organize a quote and cleaning with Keen to Clean, who will work hand in hand with you to make each new day a clean one.

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