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Location: Child Care Center in Richmond, around 90 regular attendees across all sessions.

Problem: Even with regular vacuuming, the carpets started to smell.

Regular vacuuming is an important part of keeping a Child Care Clean. If you aren’t vacuuming every day, or at least every other day, dust and dirt will quickly build up and that can have a big impact on the health and comfort of young children.

But even with regular vacuuming this center found that the carpets were looking worn down and developing a smell.


In reality, for any carpet regular vacuuming is only part of the overall required maintenance.

The other half is regular Steam Cleaning. Most carpet producers suggest yearly steam cleaning for domestic properties, as it is the only system that offers a deep clean that will remove all germ and smell buildups.

Areas with high traffic like offices and schools, or areas that are prone to getting dirty or soiled frequently like retirement homes and restaurants, require much more frequent deep cleaning that only steam cleaning can offer. A Child Care Center is a combination of both high traffic and high soiling factor so it particularly needs to be done often.

Organizing at least quarterly deep cleaning helped assure that no smells built up. The job could be scheduled during breaks or overnight and still be dry for the children the next day.

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