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Child Care Centre Cleaning in Carnegie

Get Spotless Child Care Centre Cleaning in Carnegie with Keen to Clean

Children are vulnerable to almost everything growing up. As toddlers, children can often be seen picking up things off the ground to explore and putting them right in their mouths, whether it’s a toy, a spoon, a book, or anything at all. Considering the number of children that child care centres often oversee and care for, the amount of cleanliness expected of them is immense. And knowing children, the chances of illnesses spreading from one child to another will often take no time at all.

The need for pristine cleanliness in day care or child care centres cannot be ignored. Further, the last couple of years have only proven the need for cleanliness and hygiene in order to keep one’s health in check.

Keen to Clean helps create clean and pristine spaces for child care centres in Carnegie to ensure that the children coming in every day have a healthy space to be in.

Child Care Centre Cleaning Services

Different elements in Child Care Centre Cleaning

Vital Child Care Centre Cleaning Needs Carried out by Keen to Clean in Carnegie

At Keen to Clean, we understand the need for a clean space for children to play and thrive in. With children being susceptible to illnesses often, we follow a thorough cleaning schedule that involves cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitising every surface and equipment within the centre to create a healthy environment for children to be cared for. Some of the child care centre cleaning tasks we carry out on a regular basis in Carnegie include

Cleaning and Disinfecting Toys

No matter what their age, children are bound to put the toys in their mouth at some point. And those that don’t are likely to play with toys that have been munched on by other kids around. Cleaning and disinfecting every toy and plaything within the child care centre is an essential task we carry out daily.

Sanitising Playpens

The playpens are areas children in child care centres tend to frequent the most. Every surface that has been touched by children throughout the day needs to be wiped clean and sanitised to clear off any trace of germs inadvertently left behind.

Cleaning Tables and Chairs

Child care centres have multiple tables and chairs for children to sit on while indulging in learning activities and games. The chances of kids exploring these surfaces of the tables and chairs with both their hands and their mouths are extremely high, knowing the tendency of children to be curious. Our team makes it a point to clean and disinfect every table and chair within the centre so that learning and playtime do not come with a bevy of germs.

Disinfecting the Floors

The floors of the child care centre are as much ground for bacteria to thrive as all other surfaces. We ensure disinfecting the floors on a daily basis, using quality cleaning supplies.

Vacuuming and Steam-Cleaning Rugs and Carpets

Child care centres often make it a point to have soft carpets and rugs on the floors to give children a softer landing to play on. These rugs and carpets see children crawling, sitting, sleeping, and toddling on them daily. This makes steam cleaning and vacuuming the rugs and carpets a top priority for child care centres.

Cleaning the Window, Blinds, and Curtains

The windows, blinds and curtains are yet another addition to our list of surfaces to clean daily. Children love to look out of the windows and are often prone to touching the surface of and around the window. The habit of sticking their tongues out and tasting every surface they can touch is another reason to thoroughly clean the windows, the sills, the blinds, and the curtains on a regular basis.

Cleaning and Emptying the Trash

The longer the trash stays in the bin, the higher the chances of germs thriving. Cleaning and emptying the trash cans is a task we carry out daily for all commercial spaces we offer our cleaning services to.

Disinfecting Fixtures

For toddlers and babies just learning to stand or walk, holding on to fixtures and surfaces near them is a common phenomenon. However, these fixtures need to be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis to keep the kids from being exposed to dust and germs.

Keen to Clean ensures providing all of the above services, and more, needed to keep child care centres in Carnegie clean to the highest standard. For centres that have additional requirements more customised to their needs, we make sure we live up to your expectation by providing quality cleaning services to our utmost best.

Why Choose Keen to Clean for Child Care Centre Cleaning in Carnegie?

Keen to Clean provides cleaning services for commercial spaces like child care centres in all of the major suburbs, irrespective of where you are located. The features of the services we provide also make us sought-after by offices and other commercial spaces looking for cleaning companies offering quality services. Here are some factors that make us one of the best in the field.

We Have a Dedicated Team for Comprehensive Cleaning

Irrespective of where your child care centre is located, we have a dedicated team in Carnegie to carry out comprehensive cleaning at your convenience. Every staff at Keen to Clean is trained and equipped to carry out detailed cleaning for all spaces.

We Ensure Affordable Child Care Centre Cleaning Services

Foregoing professional child care centre cleaning services over price can cost commercial spaces a great deal more. The chances of leaving some spaces untouched while cleaning are high when you’re not part of a professional cleaning company. To make our services more accessible to all, we provide affordable services that every commercial space can opt for without hesitation. The quality of our services also make the cost reasonable.

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We Provide An Eclectic Range of Cleaning Services For All Commercial Spaces

At Keen to Clean, our services are not limited just to cleaning dust or disinfecting surfaces. Our range of services also extend to floor stripping and polishing, rubbish removal, steam cleaning, grime cleaning, duct and vent cleaning, among others, providing comprehensive cleaning in Carnegie, no matter the industry.

Our Client-Centric Approach Helps Us Customise Our Services for You

We understand that no two child care centres function the same way. Further, the layout of the space also makes it necessary to consider tailoring the cleaning requirements and routines for certain centres. Our team at Keen to Clean takes a client-centric approach to cleaning, ensuring that your needs are heard, and customise the services to cater to your space in Carnegie.

We Make Use of Environment-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

While children are more susceptible to germs and bacteria, they are also more affected by the use of harmful chemicals than we are. At Keen to Clean, we make use of cleaning supplies and disinfectants that are environment-friendly, making it safer for children and adults alike.

The emphasis on the growing need for cleaning services is certainly not lost on us. Keen to Clean has branched out extensively to ensure that quality cleaning services can be availed by commercial spaces in every suburb. By offering franchising opportunities, we are extending the reach of our services so that child care centres and commercial and residential spaces everywhere can reach out to us for their cleaning needs. No matter what your requirement, we put you first.

If you’re looking for quality child care centre cleaning services in Carnegie and don’t know where to go, we’re here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Children are curious by nature and tend to explore everything they come across by tasting it. This makes the cleanliness of every surface within a child care centre paramount. The chances of infections spreading is also high in a child care centre. Further, children can also spread the infection further to their siblings and family, creating a vicious cycle of infections that are better prevented through cleaning and hygiene.

With children being sensitive to sounds, people, etc., cleaning within child care centres need to be carried out in the absence of the children. Further, cleaning every corner and surface is all the more essential in a child care centre than in a commercial space where people have better immunity.

Child care centre cleaning includes all services that are crucial in a routine cleaning. This encompasses regular cleaning of floors, windows and window sills, fixtures, carpets and rugs, emptying of bins, etc., among other services.

Not all cleaning agents are safe for people. At Keen to Clean, our team solely uses products that are environment-friendly and free of all toxins, making them safe for adults, pets, and children alike.

Keen to Clean has been in the field of commercial cleaning for years with a vast list of satisfied clientele. We also take a client-centric approach to providing services that make us a sought-after cleaning company.

With Keen to Clean customising its services for clients, depending on their industry and needs, the cost may vary for every client. The size of the premise, the cleaning requirements, etc., are all determining factors for the cost of our services.

Apart from child care centre cleaning, Keen to Clean also provides other services like school cleaning, medical centre cleaning, office cleaning, residential cleaning, etc.

Depending on the scope of work decided upon during the initial discussion, the quote will be customised for the client’s specific needs.

At Keen to Clean, we understand the need to start the day with a clean space without disrupting the daily operations of the establishment. To make things convenient for our client, we provide our services round-the-clock.

Yes, Keen to Clean began its franchise after seeing the rapid increase in demand for commercial services all throughout the major suburbs in Australia. Our decision to become a franchise was borne out of the need to become accessible to clients needing commercial cleaning services everywhere.