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Child Care Cleaning Bentleigh – Service Provider Keen to CleanChild Care Cleaning

Location: Child Care Centre in Bentleigh, around 90 regular attendees across all sessions with 23 staff.

Problem: Despite regular cleaning, illness seemed to be spreading at an unreasonable rate.

Regular cleaning and sanitisation of common contact areas is integral for Child Care Centres, particularly during winter where germ spread is higher than ever.

Generally with regular cleaning you can help reduce the rapid spread of illness to a degree, but despite regular attendance one centre found that outbreak was not abated at all.

With a stable of around 90 children attending, nearly half of them at any given time were ill and the cycle seemed to be impossible to break as they passed it on and around.


Assessing the cleaning and what was covered, it was soon determined the real culprit was actually one of the most obvious things you would associate with a kid: the toys in the communal play area. Because all the children interacted with them, germs spread fast.

To combat this toys were incorporated into the cleaning schedule, but it of course left the question of the best approach.

Strong antibacterial agents often left strong smells that young children are sensitive to, and if the chemicals are too harsh it may affect the toys or finish of the surfaces and paints.

Too much water could damage electronics and get into joints, so traditional sponge approaches were a risk.

In the end wet wipes with sanitisation elements were deemed a good balance. They allowed for quick but thorough wipe overs of the toys, helped remove germs and the like, and many brands have neutral or pleasant fragrances.

By adding in toy cleaning to the cleaning rotation the spread of germs was able to be cut down significantly and the toys themselves looked and smelled a lot nicer.

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