Cleaning Tips to Ensure a Strong Gym Membership

Worried about losing your gym members? One sure of losing your members is not maintaining cleanliness. From the welcome mat to the shower stalls, every aspect is considered by potential members when they decide to spend their money on a gym. And if you lack in basic cleanliness, you may as well bid your current members goodbye as well.

In order to make sure your gym membership stays strong, here are a few cleaning tips to keep in mind:

Clean equipment

With the amount of money doled out for a gym membership, the members of gym would definitely not appreciate equipment caked with sweat and dust, and probably every germ imaginable. Ensuring that all of the equipment are cleaned thoroughly after every use is vital, especially if you wish to retain these members for a long time.

Well-mopped floors

Your daily cleaning routine should certainly involve a proper floor cleaning plan wherein you spend a considerable amount of time sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the floors and the carpets (if any). Ensure that the floors are clear of any residual water so there are no chances of people slipping on the vinyl flooring.

Sanitised locker rooms

The one place that needs most sanitation apart from the shower stalls at a gym are the lockers that members use to place their belongings in. With almost every member sweating profusely after a rigorous workout, the lockers are bound to be touched with messy hands, making it vital to sanitise every locker as often as possible. Emptying the trash cans and having the mirror polished along with dusting every areas of the locker room are vital to ensure that your members stay with you for long.

Well-cleaned shower stalls

This is one place in the gymnasium that is expected to remain clean at times. The walls of the showers stalls, the curtains hung up, the floors, doors, fixtures, and the sinks, all need thorough cleaning along with being sanitised as frequently as possible. Make sure the floors do not remain damp for long by using a squeegee blade to sweep off all the water down the drain. Another thing to keep in mind is to check for potential growth of fungi or related issues due to dampness.

By adding all of these to your cleaning list, you can make sure the professional gym cleaning services in Melbourne you hire do the job effectively.

How Beneficial is a Professional Gym Cleaning Service?

Cleanliness is important no matter where you are. Be it your home, your workplace, or a gym. And you all know how frequent your gym members would be with an untidy and stinking place to come back to. The fear of bacteria and infection are sure to keep all your existing members at bay along with stopping any new members from joining.

Hiring a good team of professionals that offer gym cleaning services is one way to make your gym clean enough to seem inviting. Here why we believe getting professional help would benefit you:

Clean gyms gets more subscriptions

There is absolutely no denying the fact that a clean space gives a better impression than an unkempt one. What’s worse is when your gym reeks of sweat with the long workout hours. Without timely cleaning, your gym is bound to lose business. From keeping the floorboards squeaky-clean to cleaning all of the equipment kept in the gymnasium, your effort in ensuring that the place remains clean and hygienic are sure to get you better business or, to be precise, more subscriptions.

Increased motivation

Working out in a gym needs motivation which is hardly possible if the place is messy and smelly. One would hardly want to work out or lift a finger in a place that’s swimming in perspiration. Cleaning a gym, however, can be a challenge for someone who doesn’t know how the floor mats need to be cleaned and what goes in taking care of the gym equipment. Apart from all the equipment, cleaning the showers are equally necessary. Hiring professional gym cleaning services are sure to make our life easier.

Equipment lasts for a longer term

Every equipment within a gym costs a bomb, and maintaining them can be equally expensive. Apart from cleaning the equipment, sanitizing and disinfecting all the equipment is equally necessary, considering the number of people using them with perspiring hands. The right gym cleaning services can help you maintain the hygiene necessary in order to make sure the business doesn’t suffer and the clients get their value for money.

The benefits sure outweigh the cons of hiring professional cleaning services for your gym, making it important for you to consider one for your gym.

GYM Cleaning Boxhill

GYM Cleaning Boxhill – Service Provider Keen to Clean

Location: Box Hill, 24 hour gym with around 60 to 100 regular visitors a dayKeen to Clean - GYM Cleaning

Problem: Despite regular cleaning a gym noticed multiple areas were slowly building up problems.

Gyms involve a lot of moving around, lots of foot traffic and equipment that doesn’t get much opportunity to shake off dust. In other words, it is a place that needs a lot of ongoing care otherwise it will very quickly become unbearably smelly and unhygienic.

But when we met this gym they noted that despite being happy with the general cleaning being provided they still felt the gym was getting worse and worse and didn’t know what to do.


Assessing the cleaning we came to several conclusions of ways we could help the gym get back on track.

The first is to acknowledge that day to day cleaning will never truly be enough to keep the gym 100%. It is integral to get a more focused and thorough detail clean at least once a month. This involves a lot of smaller jobs that might not necessarily benefit from being done every single day, like full dusting of under equipment or heavy grout scrubbing.

The second is that often deeper cleaning of many of the standard items will be necessary. The most obvious is periodic steam cleaning of carpeted areas, which is usually the reception and office spaces. Buffing of rubber mats periodically will help assure that any buildups are removed before they start smelling or damaging the surface. For hard floors, like basketball courts, we can do buffing or strip and polishes to get rid of scuffs and even out the surfaces.

The ability for a cleaning company to offer these periodic focused and deep cleanings is integral to the overall maintenance of a healthy gym.

After explaining the different options that were available the Box Hill gym opted to switch over to Keen to Clean for both regular and focused cleaning. The ability for Keen to Clean to internally organize and coordinate services and their insistence on always assuring things are followed up offered the gym both the solution to their cleaning concerns and helped assure they were confident going onwards.

For an obligation free quote please contact Keen to Clean on 1300 73 79 78 or please click on the below button for quote.request-a-quote-v2

Gym Cleaning Fitzroy

GYM Cleaning Fitzroy- Service Provider Keen to CleanGYM Cleaning Fitzroy - Keen to Clean

Location: Fitzroy, 24 hour gym with around 80 regular visitors daily

Problem: Everything looked clean and surfaces lacked any obvious dirt or buildups, yet the gym was developing a very strong and unpleasant smell even right after a clean.

Due to the nature of exercise and the stench most people generate when they sweat a lot of gyms don’t smell great. This is particularly true during heavily active hours when lots of people are exercising.

One of the main functions of regular cleaning at a gym is to help combat this. Good regular cleaning should mean that the smell is reduced significantly.

But as we entered this gym to offer them a quote for cleaning one quiet weekday morning we were immediately hit by a very unusual and prominent smell, one we had not had the displeasure of dealing with before…


Superficially the gym was quite well kept. Surfaces looked clean, windows were nice and crisp and even less obvious places didn’t seem to have a buildup of dust. Their cleaners were obviously thorough, at least in terms of removing dirt.

We had to dig a little deeper to discover what the real culprit was: the cleaning products.

Sweat attracts a lot bacteria, which in turn creates body odour. This carries over to any surfaces it touches and, significantly, can combine with dirt to form buildups which are one of the more prominent sources of bad smells in gyms.

Logically that means a focus on removing buildups is functional, as it will help avoid smell buildups and has the most visual impact.

However, a focus on just removing dust and dirt might work in an office or even a school or something that just attracts traffic, but in a gym the prominence of bacteria means it needs to be treated in many ways as something closer to a medical facility where sanitisation and disinfecting are integral.

We advised the gym of our extensive range of effective sanitisation and disinfecting cleaning products and the way that we could maintain that quality of cleaning with the added benefit of cleaning in ways that couldn’t be seen.

A year on the gym has reported that the strong smell is nearly never present even on busy days and that regulars and new customers alike have enjoyed the ability to breath a little deeper.

For an obligation free quote please contact Keen to Clean on 1300 73 79 78 or please click on the below button for quote.request-a-quote-v2

Gym Cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney

Quality Gym and Fitness Centre Cleaning Services.

Keep your gym members coming back. Your gym may be a place where people seek to maintain their fitness levels and set new goals, but this cannot be achieved if the equipment and premises promote bacteria infestation, leading to an increased risk of infections.

The difference between professional gym cleaning and any other regular commercial cleaning job lies within the extent of bacteria harboured on various surfaces. This is where Keen to Clean is ready to help!

To keep your gym hygienic and fresh, our tailor-made gym cleaning checklist may include:

  1. Cleaning and Scrubbing of Showers/tile areas along with partitions
  2. Sanitising and Scrubbing of toilets areas along with partitions
  3. Restocking of all supplies in the premises (shower gel, shampoo, toilet rolls etc)
  4. Washing of all floor mats (along with the non-slip mats)
  5. Washing of mirrors and scrubbing of sinks
  6. Removal of any mould in shower areas
  7. Removal of bad odours caused by perspiration
  8. Tile and grout cleaning in all areas
  9. Disinfection and sanitisation of all equipment, doors, windows and any other places where clients may have contact with
  10. Emptying of all rubbish bins
  11. Cleaning of office areas
  12. Carpet cleaning and upholstery steam cleaning
  13. Mopping and scrubbing off all floors and surfaces

Available in Melbourne and Sydney, Keen to Clean’s gym cleaners will strive to achieve your 100% satisfaction

For your peace of mind, you can rest assured that we only use eco-friendly chemicals to ensure your gym remains a safe and hygienic environment. An MSDS of all the chemicals that will be used on your premises will be provided upon our contract commencement.

To ensure our gym cleaning services remain top notch, we also carry out frequent inspections and cleaning audits for quality control purposes. We’ll also provide you with an important paper trail to ensure that frequent audits, inspections and tasks have been completed within the frequency stipulated.

Some of our Cleaning Fitness Centre clients are:

Core Fitness Centre
Location: Carrum Downs, Victoria

Anytime Fitness Centres Melbourne, Victoria
Location: Prahran, Heidelberg, Epping, Glenroy, Moonee Ponds and Moorabbin,

Re-Creation Centre
Location: Burwood and Essendon

Plus Fitness Sydney and Melbourne
Location: Bankstown, Balgowlah and Bayswater

North Melbourne, Doreen, Frankston, Berwick, Pakenham, Melton, Werribee, Altona

Contact Keen to Clean for all your gym cleaning requirements on 1300 737 978 to learn more about what we can do for you