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Carpet Cleaning – Necessity

Why is it Necessary to Steam Clean you Carpets??

Think your living room is dull and drab? An indigenous throw or an interestingly-patterned rug can give your room a makeover on a shoestring budget. A luxurious wool carpet is a great investment, particularly felt when you sink your feet into its soft fibres at the end of a long day at work or at the mall.

The only problem is that, unlike hardwood floors, carpets cat be just swept or wiped clean. If you have small children and / or pets then the task of keeping your carpets swanky becomes harder. With children spills and stains can become commonplace, and pets can shed hair or, worse, urinate on your charming carpet, which can not only stain it but also cause bad odour to emanate on hot days.

Dust and grime can nestle down deep inside your carpet and fray the fibres. in time this will thin out your carpet considerably.

Apart from the aesthetic effects that dirt and stains can have on your image as a good home keeper, the health hazards are many. If you find yourself visiting your chest physician or dermatologist once too often your carpet may be to blame. Unclean carpets, even if they are not visibly dirty, could be aggravating your asthma symptoms by hoarding possible allergens. This is likely to cause asthma patients to wheeze.

Dirty carpets can breed dust mites, and give you skin allergies. They may even be the cause of skin rashes, eczema, dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, nasal polypus and cracked heels.

Many people feel that being a bit cautious while carrying trays of food and beverage around the house, a shoes-off policy on the carpet and a bit of vacuuming can eliminate the need to get professional help to keep their carpet clean. But, while being careful about spills can help your carpets look new and vacuuming suck out the peripheral dust, only professional cleaning can remove wet dust and dust mites, and really ensure that your carpet not only looks stunning but is also safe for you and your family.

The life of your carpet depends on how clean it is, and how you clean it. Professional carpet cleaners Keen to Clean know just how to do it. They insist on quality eco-friendly products that will not pose health dangers, and bring in only trained personnel, who have undergone background checks, to take your carpet from grimy to gorgeous.

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