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Best Cleaning Practices to Reduce Chances of Viral Infections

Best Cleaning Practices to Reduce Chances of Viral Infections

Where there are children, the possibilities of infections rise. This is even more so with cases of flu, cold, and other contagious infections. However, confining kids to a certain area is hardly possible with their ebullience keeping them as active as a toddler on a sugar rush. The only way to reduce the chances of such infections spreading is a thorough cleaning of all the areas and taking every precautionary measure. While hiring professional school cleaning services would be in your best interests, there are certain practices that must be followed to ensure the well-being of the students as well as the cleaners:

Disinfect Frequently Touched Surfaces

Surfaces such as desks, door knobs, the faucets in the rest rooms, computer keyboards, pantry table-tops, etc. are frequently touched surfaces, increasing the chances of viral infection spreading from a person to another. Regularly disinfecting these areas and sanitising them is one way to make sure there is no viral infection spreading.

Managing waste disposal efficiently

Every school has a standard procedure to follow in order to thoroughly clean the area. Where waste disposal is concerned, make sure you have waste baskets in every corner of the school that are easy to use without the need to touch any surface. Make use of disposable gloves when throwing the waste outside and ensure that all precautions are taken with respect to clearing out the trash without soiling the areas around the waste-bins.

Using the products with care

Every product used while carrying on a cleaning expedition have certain warnings mentioned on the labels. Most of these require the use of gloves to protect your hands and eyewear to protect from fumes and other possible harm. Chemicals such as bleach that are used to clean schools on a regular basis should always be used while protecting your hands. Another rule to follow is to avoid mixing chemicals together unless mentioned on the labels.

While these are practices you should follow, it is best to hire professional school cleaning services to ensure thorough cleaning, leaving no room for hazards or possibilities of the spread of infections.