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How to Begin Strata Cleaning (An Essential Guide to Get Started)

How to Begin Strata Cleaning (An Essential Guide to Get Started)

Ensuring a clean and hygienic atmosphere in strata premises is essential at all times. After all, cleaning strata buildings is a complex job and requires a good deal of time and resources to get the job done.

If you’re a property owner or manager starting with strata cleaning, you’ll not just have to clean typical areas but also do it with scrutiny. This is irrespective of whether you’re cleaning common spaces like hallways, parking areas, elevators, and more as they need to be well-kept and presentable at all times.

So how do you get started with strata cleaning? To make things easier, we’ve curated a handy guide on keeping your strata buildings clean. Read along.

Stick to Essential Cleaning Guidelines Approved by Regulatory Organisations

There are several renowned regulatory organisations that require you to stay compliant when it comes to cleaning procedures. Furthermore, these organizations base their cleaning solutions on meticulous data analysis, ensuring high standards and effectiveness.

So, see to it that you’re fully aware of all the necessary cleaning guidelines when carrying out strata cleaning for your Melbourne property.

Have a Streamlined Cleaning Process in Place

When it comes to strata cleaning, having a well laid out plan is necessary. From your resources to staff utilisation, everything needs to be in place. After all, you don’t want a lack of coordination among staff that may lead to an incomplete or inconsistent job.

To avoid this, see that you maintain a standard cleaning procedure or streamline the one you have already. This will allow for more proper coordination and, eventually, a thorough and effective cleaning.

Chunk Down Tasks into a List

To simplify your strata cleaning process in Melbourne and make it much easier, you can break down your tasks into smaller manageable chunks in a checklist. The staff can follow this checklist and get things done a lot faster. This will also help you verify the completion of each task and further make it simple to review later.

Serving as a guideline for the cleaning procedure, this checklist will also foster an efficient team dynamic among your staff.

Prioritise Key Cleaning Areas First

A key strategy in strata cleaning is to frequently tidy spaces that are commonly touched to prevent any contagious diseases. These high-traffic touchpoints often include staircase railings, elevator buttons, flush handles, washbasins, restrooms, doorknobs, and furniture.

Owing to their regular use, these areas can become a breeding ground for viruses, necessitating constant cleaning throughout the day. Ensure you keep these spaces clean and hygienic for others to use.

Manage Waste Effectively

Putting a waste management plan into action is crucial when maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your building. This plan needs to have clear guidelines on disposing of various types of waste, including recyclables, organic, and hazardous materials.

Specify the frequency of waste collection and pinpoint the designated areas for waste disposal. Such comprehensive planning, often done by strata cleaning services providers in Melbourne, will ensure efficient and environmentally responsible waste handling for your strata buildings.

Inspect & Address Issues When Needed

Another important aspect you shouldn’t overlook is conducting regular inspections. This is the key to identify and address any maintenance issues you may encounter like leaks, cracks, or damage.

Doing so can also ensure your cleaning staff sticks to the scheduled plan. It will also help maintain high standards of cleanliness and upkeep.

Use the Right Cleaning Technique

Knowing when to apply the right cleaning techniques and where is vital for a deep and comprehensive clean. For instance, when cleaning floors, begin from the room’s farthest corner, gradually working towards the door.

For lighting and switches in main hallways and other areas commonly visited, you can disinfect them with the appropriate cleansing agent. For carpets and rugs, you can vacuum them to remove any dust and dirt as well as routinely clean furniture on a frequent basis.

Bonus Tip: Hire Strata Cleaning Services

If you’re short on time, have something important to look after, or simply don’t want the hassle that are often associated in strata cleaning then you can always hire a professional to handle the tasks for you.

Strata management companies carry the crucial responsibility of upholding their clients’ safety and well-being. This involves adhering to all legal and safety requirements, especially concerning cleaning services. A good strata cleaning company will recognise the significance of sustaining a secure and hygienic setting for your employees and clients. They will see to it all your regulations and standards are in place.

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