A Keen Expo Experience

Melbourne Expo Experience: Keen to Clean Franchise Success Panel

Standing beside the conglomerates of the franchise industry Keen to Clean had the honour of being invited onto the prestigious Franchise Expo Melbourne 2012 Franchise Success Panel. Only one of two cleaning companies representing the industry the panel was covered by world leading franchises such as McDonalds and 7-Eleven. Operations Manager Rohit Chand was called upon to speak on the merits of the franchise industry and its future in the Australian market. Keen to Clean was recognized and invited to join the Franchise Success Panel upon its listing as number 5 in BRW Fast Starter 2012 and continually growing in the franchise sector.
Franchise-ExpoFranchise Expo – Success Panel
The Franchise Expo is the largest expo dedicated to franchises run yearly and is one of the most important showcases of the year. The expo runs annually in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand and hosts an booth hall and panels across several days per convention. The Franchise Success Panel as you might guess from the name is a gathering of the big movers and names in the industry. To be invited upon it is testament to a recognized significance to the franchise industry as a whole, as the industry is discussed at length.
Keen to Clean was invited to speak on the merits of the franchise industry and the unique potentials it offered people who pursued them. Mr Chand, now the Operations Manager of the Keen to Clean Group, had himself started as a simple subcontractor and through determination and hard work slowly moved to a franchisee, then a team manager, then a region manager and finally invited onto the franchisor team itself. His unique insights into the highs and lows of the industry were considered invaluable to those who attended.
“Franchises offer people a unique opportunity to invest in a company with a strong sense of support balancing out individual responsibility,” said Mr Chand. “Hard work will always mean success but it also means you can know that you have an experienced hand guiding you.”
“Keen to Clean offers a particularly unique and strong sense of teamwork. This was noticed by the expo and I was more than happy to represent the group on this front.”
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