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7 tips for promoting health and wellbeing in the office

7 tips for promoting health and wellbeing in the office

The office symbolises a place of work and – for many employees – a place where they spend the majority of their waking hours during the week. A clean and healthy office space that encourages wellbeing and productivity will drastically improve the time your staff spend at work. And you don’t have to be Google to achieve this. Here are our top 7 tips on how you can make positive changes in your office space – ultimately improving your staff’s time at work:

Natural light assists the healthy functioning of the body’s natural rhythms and promotes a feeling of positivity in office spaces. Don’t have windows in your office? You can create the illusion of natural light by giving the office walls a fresh coat of a warm white paint, or even better, something bright and fun feeling. If you do have windows, make sure they’re clean at all times to promote a feeling of lightness and clarity.

Placing indoor plants around the office space not only promotes a feeling of welcoming the outdoors in, but also helps to improve air quality – which in turn promotes health and wellbeing. It’s also been noted in several studies that being around plants reduces stress. Choose plants that are suited to indoor climates and low maintenance. Your office cleaners will be able to help keep these fresh looking by wiping down leaves of larger indoor plants.

Encourage staff to customise and decorate their workstations by bringing in personal items from home that promote feelings of happiness, relaxation, inspiration, and a sense of self. It’s important for staff to feel a sense of belonging and ownership at work. This is an easy, autonomous way for staff to achieve just that.

Think fresh fruit or a coffee machine in the lunchroom, in-house massages, or yoga Tuesdays. Whatever will suit your office space, budget, and employee’s needs. Introducing positive “extras” or perks will help improve general wellbeing and morale around the office and give staff something to look forward to.

Sometimes we just need a quiet space to escape the busyness of everyday life. Providing a quiet, relaxing space that is separate from the busiest part of the office and open to staff at any time they feel they need a moment to recharge will show your staff you care about helping to keep their stress levels down. This tip will also go a long way in helping boost productivity and wellbeing. Make sure your office cleaners are keeping this space in top shape, so it doesn’t lose that feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Does your office have the room for a recreational space such as a table tennis room or arcade area? Providing a space that encourages time out for your employees to explore creative thinking and play will not only help improve problem solving skills but will also promote interaction of employees in a fun, casual space. This also provides staff with another option for recharging during the workday.

Ensuring your office space is clean, hygienic and tidy, shows your staff that you care about their health and wellbeing. Effective, regular cleaning of the office space by trained and knowledgeable cleaning professionals promotes productivity and positivity – two very important elements of improving the overall environment of your workplace. Engaging quality professional cleaners experienced in professional office cleaning is a must. Because your team have enough on their plates and dishing out extra cleaning tasks is not necessarily going to help improve their time at work.

Making positive changes in your office will show your staff that you’re willing to invest in their overall experience at work, whether it be with a bit of greenery, some weekday perks or simply through the act of ensuring their workspace is a clean and healthy one. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or a huge budget, but the benefits will be felt by all.

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