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5 Top Tips for Decluttering Your Office

5 Top Tips for Decluttering Your Office

If you’re not a decluttering fanatic, then you’re probably like the majority of the population who allow clutter to slowly build up throughout their office space while making a mental note to do something about it “later”. Well, later is now! So, let’s get to it with these top 5 office decluttering tips:

1. Get Rid Of Anything That Doesn’t Belong In Your Office Space

Be ruthless with this one. Rubbish? In the correct bin. That “thing” has been on your desk for 3 months because it “may” come in handy that? Donate it. Items that you’ve been meaning to return to co-workers or take home? Deal with these things NOW! As soon as you’ve cleared these items from your overcluttered workspace, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

2. Everything In Its Place

Allocate designated places within your workspace for items that you use regularly, and label them if required. Keep desk drawers efficiently organised by placing important frequently used items in the top drawers, and less essential items in lower drawers. Everything should have a place, otherwise these frequently used items will end up crowding your desk and making you less productive. Now when you’re looking for something, you’ll be able to locate it sooner and you’ll be more likely to return it to where it belongs.

3. Upgrade Your Office Storage

If your office space has grown cluttered and overcrowded, perhaps it’s time to reassess your storage needs and upgrade your current system. Adequate storage will not only create space and promote a more professional looking office, but it’ll help your mindset too. Ever notice how when you’re working in a messy, cluttered space you feel stressed or flustered? You might even have trouble concentrating? Well working in a well-organised and tidy office can actually help cultivate a more productive and positive vibe. And what team doesn’t want that?

4. Say Goodbye To Paper

One very effective way to declutter your office space is to convert paper files to digital format. Yes, this sounds like a lot of effort – but if paper bulk is becoming a huge issue for your cluttered office space, it’s time to commit some resources to getting this done. This won’t only reduce the amount of paper you use and store, but it encourages new eco-friendly practices going forward which will benefit the whole team and the environment. If you already favour digital files over paper files, ensure you organise your digital filing system as well by keeping files organised in clearly labelled folders. And if you must keep paper files, review these periodically and securely dispose of anything you no longer need.

5. Clean &Refresh

Once you’ve removed unnecessary items, allocated space to daily-use items, and upgraded your storage systems, the final step in a successful office decluttering is to clean and refresh the space. Giving a newly decluttered office a proper deep clean is a great way to finish up after all of that hard work you’ve just done, and will help get rid of dust, odours, stains, and every shared office’s worst nightmare – germs. But you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, you can leave it up to the professionals entirely.

Professional cleaners are experts at day-to-day cleaning of commercial office spaces, as well as periodical deep cleaning on an as-required basis. But that’s not all. You can actually engage professional cleaners to help you with the initial decluttering, especially if you feel the job is too overwhelming and you need professional advice. Don’t already have professional cleaners servicing your office space? What better time to start right now, either at the beginning of the decluttering phase for a bit of extra help, or once you’ve come out the other side and back into the light! Hiring professional office cleaners to service your office on a regular basis is the perfect way to ensure your office remains in top shape after your decluttering session – also ensuring that your new standards of “organised” and “clean” are maintained.

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