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5 Carpet Cleaning Tips For Your Office

5 Carpet Cleaning Tips For Your Office

Is the carpet in your office looking a bit sad? Have you recently peered over your co-worker’s shoulder and found them Googling ‘how to clean office carpet?’, later discovering a coffee-coloured stain below their desk? You’re not alone. Most offices are high-traffic areas, frequented by coffee drinkers and desk-eaters alike. Over time, office carpets face a barrage of spills, stains and general wear and tear – so don’t ignore what’s beneath your feet. Be kind to your office carpets with these top carpet cleaning tips:

1. Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Many larger offices, or those with frequent foot traffic from staff and visitors alike, will consider such traffic in the design of their office space and flooring choices. Some offices have “walk-off systems” which combine tools like heavy-duty “scraper” mats and different floorcoverings that encourage the removal of dirt and debris from the shoes of those who enter. This is why many reception areas of offices will have a heavy-duty scraper mat outside the front entry, another one just inside, and then perhaps a tiled area in the foyer before crossing the threshold to carpeted areas. These cleverly designed systems successfully remove a large percentage of dirty, debris, and moisture that would otherwise be tracked through your office carpets.


2. Maintenance Of Office Carpets


Regular vacuuming office carpets with a quality, commercial vacuum cleaner is a must. This is necessary if you wish to slow down the wear and tear of office carpets. Vacuuming removes dry debris which can have an abrasive effect on carpet fibres, especially with the added factor of regular foot traffic. The best commercial cleaning companies will factor regular vacuuming at an appropriate frequency for your office into cleaning schedules. In combination with periodical deep cleaning using techniques such as steam cleaning, and effective spot-cleaning by office staff and professional cleaners alike, a quality professional cleaning company can help ensure you get the best lifespan from your office carpets.

3. Take Action On Spills Immediately

When a substance is spilled or dropped on your office carpet, take ownership of this common mishap and act immediately. Remove as much of the substance as possible with an object like a spoon or even the edge of a plastic cup or plate – anything that will allow you to carefully scrape away solids before gently blotting away any liquid with a clean dry cloth or paper towel. Be sure that your cloth won’t transfer any colour to the damp carpet and go for a neutral tone or even better, white if you have it. Continuing blotting until you are no longer collecting any liquid on your cloth or paper towel, making sure not to rub at the stain as this can damage the fibres of the carpet.

4. Treat Stains With Care

All offices should have a carpet stain remover spray or foam on hand. If yours doesn’t, get some! Test the product on a small, hidden section of carpet for the colourfastness before treating the stain (ideally, you want to do this when you purchase the product, not when every stain-removing second counts). Follow the product instructions for application and wait time. Most products will require another round of blotting away the stain after the product has done its job, so repeat this step as necessary.

5. Call In The Office Cleaning Professionals

Ultimately, the best approach to maintaining office carpets in an overall clean and tidy workplace, is to engage office cleaning professionals – specifically professionals that are experienced and knowledgeable in office carpet cleaning. Quality professional cleaners will have the training, experience, tools and techniques to ensure your office carpets are cleaned and maintained to a professional standard. At Keen To Clean, our office cleaning professionals can design a cleaning schedule that takes into account the way your office is used, how frequently, and by whom – noting the risk of carpet soiling and the ideal condition in which you wish to see your carpets maintained.

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