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3 Tips For Cleaning Communal Areas In Your Workplace

3 Tips For Cleaning Communal Areas In Your Workplace

Communal areas in workplaces are the very hotspots where personality types converge. Naturally, they can be a source of frustration and confrontation for some teams. The clean freaks tend to take it upon themselves to keep breakrooms and kitchen areas tidy, that is, until they feel they’re being taken for granted by their fellow workmates. Others simply may not give much thought to who has been cleaning up after them. One thing’s for sure, without a battle plan, communal areas in workplaces can become ticking time bombs in no time at all.

So, what is there to do?

1. Lay down some general rules

Set some general, simple rules for the use of break areas, any equipment within (such as fridges, coffee machines, etc.) and the state in which these should be left after each use. Have management back these rules by endorsing them at a team meeting. Communicate these expectations to all staff through signage and friendly reminders at meetings. Follow up with positive reinforcement or recognition of good behaviour – this is key to keeping the team happy, otherwise those making a conscious effort may feel undervalued and even turn on their less helpful workmates.

2. Work to your teams strengths

Consider your team members’ individual strengths when allocating workplace cleaning responsibilities. For example, if someone is particularly adept at organisational and admin tasks, have them take care of the kitchen cleaning roster. If you have a team member who is particularly passionate about the environment, have them monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of recycling practices. Whatever their strengths, your team members can all play a vital role in keeping workplace communal spaces clean and harmonious.

3. Call in the professionals

There are some workplace cleaning jobs that should ultimately be left to the professionals, especially those that require specialist techniques, chemicals, or equipment. Engage a quality professional cleaning company to assess the needs of the communal areas or your workplace and suggest a cleaning schedule that will best suit the frequency at which these spaces are used. Professional cleaners experienced in workplace cleaning can take care of periodical deep cleaning as well as any specialist jobs required in your workplace’s communal areas. Think steam cleaning floors or much needed restoring and deep cleaning of shared bathrooms. Experienced and knowledgeable cleaners can also help ensure your workplace is ticking the box for meeting health and safety requirements – and can offer some handy tips to your team for continuing to facilitate a team-approach to workplace cleanliness.

Keen To Clean know all too well the challenges faced in workplace communal areas when it comes to cleaning. We service clients in a variety of workplace-types with both general and specific needs when it comes to cleaning of communal areas. No task is too tough for our friendly, experienced cleaners.

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