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3 Reasons You Should Steam Clean Your Carpets

3 Reasons You Should Steam Clean Your Carpets

Been wondering whether your carpets really need a steam clean since you vacuum and maintain your property anyway? It’s great to see you’re keen to clean but make sure you take the following into account…

1. More than Meets the Eye:

If you’ve had carpets for a while you know that if you don’t vacuum frequently it very quickly becomes unliveable. But why is it that carpets seem to get harder to clean with time and why do they get so dirty so quickly? That’s because even with frequent thorough vacuuming, you are only ever getting a superficial clean. The dirt and soiling builds up in the grain over time meaning your vacuuming becomes increasingly less useful over time. With a steam clean, that gets deep into the pile to remove the dirt, you basically give your carpets a clean slate and a fresh lease on life, meaning vacuuming will be less of a chore.

2. Nosing the Difference:

Carpets are great for a lot of things but unfortunately one of their best talents is holding odours. Be it pets, smoking or even just span smelling foods, carpets can hold a stench and becoming truly unpleasant over time. Vacuuming and surface deodorisation will only achieve so much, to really remove smells you have to get deep into the carpet and soak it out. Steam cleaning is the best way to remove those smells that just refuse to leave and has the potential to positively influence the value and appeal of your home!
3.Mite Fright:

Dirt and smells hide in our carpets but sometimes they are the least of our worries. Carpets can potentially be rampant with moulds, bacteria, mites and all manner of other pathogens. Whilst vacuuming certainly helps avoid these things becoming an issue you need periodic deep cleaning to assure that they don’t build up and become and issue. No point lingering on the sheer horrors a carpet can represent, instead embrace the solution and get a deep clean to wash it all away!

Carpets can be a central point to the comfort of a property… just don’t let poorly maintained facilities make it a potential nightmare!
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