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10 office cleaning tips for a hygienic and happy office

10 office cleaning tips for a hygienic and happy office

Looking for some fresh new ideas for promoting cleanliness and hygiene in your office? Read on!

If you’re a manager or supervisor in your office, it’s up to you to lead by example when it comes to creating a healthy and hygienic work environment. Set the tone for taking health and hygiene seriously by staying away from the office when you’re clearly unwell, maintaining a clean workstation at all times, and doing your part in cleaning communal areas.

We all know that electronics are breeding grounds for bacteria. Cleaning your phones, keyboard, monitor, mouse, and laptop regularly will help keep the germs at bay. If your office doesn’t have anti-bacterial wipes suitable for electronics, speak to your office manager about having some ordered.

There’s nothing worse than a stinking bin. Bins beneath desks or in communal areas should be emptied daily, or sooner if you notice an offensive odour lingering. Those odours usually stem from decaying food or rancid liquids – and nobody should be breathing that in at work or otherwise.

It’s not uncommon for shared items like fridges, dishwashers, and coffee machines in communal areas to be left unclean. Many of us think someone else will carry out the task of cleaning up, or that “The cleaners will do it”. Whilst the latter is true – good quality officer cleaners will clean these areas regularly – there’s no substitute for adopting a “clean as you go method”. Leave these facilities as you would like them left for you – clean, hygienic, and ready for use by the next team member.

Although the over-use of these sanitary products has come under fire in recent research, having hand sanitizer at appropriate stations such as in the kitchen and reception area of your office is a perfectly acceptable means of helping prevent the spread of infection in addition to good hand-washing practices. Stocking up on anti-bacterial wipes for electronics and other high-touch surfaces is also a great idea.

When you’re busy, it’s easy to throw a rag over a spill and tell yourself you’ll get to it later. But with so much going on in a busy workplace, later may not come as soon as you thought. Dealing with spills immediately will not only help ensure the health and safety or yourself and your colleagues, but will also help keep bacteria, odours, and stains at bay. Your surfaces will thank you for it

Not all offices are graced with windows, and so a lot of the time the air we breathe inside our offices is largely supplied by air-conditioning systems. Having these systems properly cleaned and serviced by professionals regularly is absolutely crucial for maintaining a healthy workplace – and health staff.

Sure, your officer cleaners will give your bathrooms and kitchen a daily-once over, but this is not enough long-term. When engaging professional office cleaners, ensure periodical deep cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, and break rooms is included on your cleaning service schedule. This is a must for maintaining proper hygiene in the workplace – and maintaining your office’s assets.

Similar to the above point, a daily (or ‘every other day’) clean of office floors is necessary in every workplace, however, regular professional carpet cleaning should also be included in your office cleaning schedule. This will help minimise the effects on your office carpet of dirt and debris tracked into the office – as well as helping to reduce the overall presence of germs on all office flooring surfaces.

Organising a quarterly office clean-up day is a fun, social way to get everyone involved (and taking responsibility for) cleaning up their workstations and communal areas. Encourage employees to view this as a quarterly ‘spring clean’ where old, clutter is either taken home, recycled, disposed of thoughtfully or donated. This one – although likely to be met with hesitation at first – is actually likely to boost team morale and productivity once the dirty work is done.

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