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9 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

It has been a particularly oppressive winter this year and many of us found ourselves spending unprecedented periods indoors. But with that comes an unfamiliar threat: poor quality air. With the potential to inflame conditions like asthma and hay fever as well as making colds and flues all the... read more

3Rooms or Seats Steam Cleaning for $55

*Stairs Charges Apply *Price Considering for a Standard Size Room *Stain Treatment Charges Apply *Require Free Parking Facility *Require Hot Water & Electricity *Subject to Availability *Services provided in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs You can be sure that when the Keen To Clean staff visits your home, you will... read more

Keen to Clean Tips – Walls Cleaning 1.1

Wall cleaning is an easy way to improve the look of your property but it is very important that you are gentle and do not rush the job as walls are also prone to damage. Whether due to aging and degradation of the paint or simply due to over-enthusiastic... read more

Keen to Clean Tips – Walls Cleaning 1.2

To perform a patch test on your walls find an inconspicuous patch of paint, apply the product lightly and gently wipe it away. If it causes any damage or for the paint to thin any discontinue use immediately. This is very similar to testing your scalp when dying hair... read more

Keen to Clean Tips – Walls Cleaning 1.3

Spot cleaning walls might seem like a good idea to save time but do beware: it can leave your wall looking more splotchy than ever. Sometimes to start a wall cleaning job is to commit to a full wall cleaning... read more

Keen to Clean – Living Social Deal

Thank you for embracing the Keen to Clean special through Living Social! We here at Keen to Clean want to prove that we are well and truly keen to keep your place clean. We have put together this special voucher so you can enjoy a fresh house as we... read more

Keen to Clean Tips – Walls Cleaning 1.4

It is always worth keeping an eye out for mould when wall cleaning, as it often grows in bubbles underneath the paint, causing issues when the paint is cleaned as it can tear or peel off. If a wall has a mould buildup that has gotten under the paint... read more

Keen to Clean Tips – Walls Cleaning 1.5

When it comes to using sugar soap beware: whilst it does help clean walls it can also leave it with a fine buildup. This is not an issue if the walls will be painted immediately [in fact it aids the process] but in domestic use it often leads to... read more

3 Reasons You Should Steam Clean Your Carpets

Been wondering whether your carpets really need a steam clean since you vacuum and maintain your property anyway? It’s great to see you’re keen to clean but make sure you take the following into account… 1. More than Meets the Eye: If you’ve had carpets for a while you... read more

Keen to Clean Tips : Toilet Cleaning

Toilet Cleaning important for Hygienic Living: Toilet Cleaning is necessary for both cosmetic and hygiene maintenance of your house, periodic toilet cleaning should always be on your cleaning agenda. Toilet cleaners’ and other inner bowl products often have the added benefit of fragrance or superior germ killing/prevention methods, but... read more

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