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Keen to Clean Tips – Broom

Having a suitable length broom with healthy bristles is important to maintain its function. Frequently remove hairs and dust from the bristles to help keep it sweeping properly. If the broom is too short you will find that extended use causes strain on your back and shoulders. Use soft... read more

Premium Domestic Cleaning: The Keen for Hygiene Experience

Premium Domestic Cleaning : The Keen for Hygiene Experience To ensure your property is completely sanitized and meeting your hygiene standards we all know there is a cost involved: equipment costs, multiple expensive chemicals, time to actually do the work and on top of that you need the expertise... read more

Keen to Clean Tips – Dust Pan and Brush

A dustpan and brush is integral to kitchen cleaning. Make sure the pan has an angled edge so that when you sweep into it all of the dust and crumbs are picked up. They also come in a variety of colours, so choose one that suits... read more

Keen to Clean Tips – Mop Buckets & Mop

Mop Buckets are a must have. A standard 3 litre bucket is suitable for most domestic uses, you probably already have one somewhere. When buying new ones make sure that they are good quality plastic that can resist a lot of weight as cheap buckets have a tendency to... read more

Keen to Clean Tips – Floor Cleaning

When discolouration occurs, particularly in the grouting, it is advised that the areas are treated with a stronger cleaner like bleach. A scouring pad or scrubbing brush may be necessary to fully clean the grouting or between the cracks in the tiles, but ultimately it depends on how deep... read more

Cleaning Tips – Drawers

When cleaning drawers use it as an opportunity to sort through and clear out any clutter you might find in there. Since we tend to neglect them they are often filled with useless junk. The same goes for cleaning out your closet [figuratively and literally]. Always sweep or brush... read more

Keen to Clean Tips – Spray and Wipe

When applying products like spray on cleaners try to avoid the cardinal sins of under and over doing it. Too little and the product won’t achieve its purpose of loosening and breaking up dirt clumps. Too much and you will spend twice the time necessary wiping up the excess.... read more

Keen to Clean Tips – Paper Vs Towel

Paper vs towel is one of the age old arguments in cleaning. Our stance is that a well kept rag or cloth is fine so long as it is regularly washed and allowed to dry properly. It is also cheaper and kinder to the environment. That said, with recycled... read more

Keen to Clean Tips – Mopping Technique

Proper mopping technique means avoiding constantly changing directions and criss crossing across the floor. It also means avoiding standing in one spot and attempting to reach everywhere from it. Instead, choose a direction and try to maintain straight, overlapping strokes as if you were ploughing a field. This way... read more

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