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Shopping Centre Cleaning in Melbourne & Sydney

Give your shoppers the ultimate retail experience with our professional shopping centre cleaning services Shopping malls see tremendous casual traffic and are a central hub to many businesses. Whether it’s individual retail storefronts or the public areas of a shopping centre, offering a clean and sanitary experience for customers... read more

Vet Clinic Cleaning – Necessity

Why is it Necessary to Clean Vet Clinic?? As a medical facility utmost cleanliness is obviously a necessity for both the wellbeing of the pets brought in as patients and for maintaining a positive public image for the clients bringing them in. To assure there is no risk of... read more

Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips 1

Hire Keen to Clean for all your Tile and Grout Cleaning Commercial or Residential!! Melbourne and Sydney Tiles are used in almost every part of the house – within and outside. The best laid ones can elevate the look of your home, but there is no stopping the dust and... read more

Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Hire Keen to Clean for all your Upholstery Steam Cleaning Commercial or Residential!! Melbourne and Sydney Its been six months since you bought that stunning jasmine white upholstered sofa and beautiful paisley patterned cushions to offset it. And you can already notice the difference! The sofa has started changing... read more

Carpet Cleaning – Necessity

Why is it Necessary to Steam Clean you Carpets?? Think your living room is dull and drab? An indigenous throw or an interestingly-patterned rug can give your room a makeover on a shoestring budget. A luxurious wool carpet is a great investment, particularly felt when you sink your feet... read more

GYM Cleaning Tips

GYM Cleaning Tips – Keen to Clean Melbourne & Sydney Appealing aesthetics and a sparkling clean gym add to the motivation of fitness enthusiasts. However, that’s easier said than done, as there is germ pile up after every workout cycle. This could up the risk of infection and cause bad odours.... read more

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Restaurant Cleaning Services Melbourne & Sydney It’s Friday evening, and if you are a restaurant owner you can already see the heart-warming sight of customers trickling in. Exceptional food, a great shopfront and courteous and attentive service are all must haves, but if your joint does not meet the health... read more

Child Care Cleaning in Melbourne & Sydney

Safe, hygienic cleaning services for Kindergartens, Child care and Daycare Centres. Few things bring greater joy to a parent than knowing that their child is settling in well and enjoying his or her time in child care. So, it’s only reasonable that a family would go to great lengths... read more

Window Cleaning – Tips

What is better than a room with a view? One that remains crystal clear even when the scenery changes. But, that’s easier said than done, thanks to dust, grime and unexpected sealant leakages on glass windows. Our usual handymen – spray bottles and rags – are not going to... read more

Gym Cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney

Quality Gym and Fitness Centre Cleaning Services. Keep your gym members coming back. Your gym may be a place where people seek to maintain their fitness levels and set new goals, but this cannot be achieved if the equipment and premises promote bacteria infestation, leading to an increased risk... read more

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